Wordswag Alternative For PC Windows 10/7 {32/64bit} 2022

Wordswag Alternative For PC

Wordswag Alternative For PC Windows Mac Free Download 2022

WordSwag is a free editing text and graphic design software. Turn your word into quote and design with beautiful designs by the Word Song. It is special software that helps to make graphics design. Anyone can add caption on a photo or create a graphic and share to social media. There are many text swag, and word swag is one of out them. Download Wordswag alternative for PC as it is available for Windows edition too. It is enjoyable and straightforward to work with. For downloading, need an emulator.

Wordswag Alternative For PC

Why is wordswag so popular?

Wordswag is one of those apps that most famous people use to enhance the impression of their social media handles. Here you can turn your words into quotes and add graphics and you can put beautiful quotes to your images and much more. People then post such edited pictures across several social media sites. The best thing about this app is that it can add original graphics and not just mere copy from some other source which makes it even more popular. The app, however, is not freely available in the play store and you need to pay a little less than 4 dollars to purchase the official version of the app. However, a number of a cracked version of this app is available on the web which can be used for free.

How to use Wordswag Alternatives for PC?

There are some alternatives for PC –

  1. Textswag
  2. Typostyle
  3. Fontrush
  4. Texty
  5. Rhonna Designs

If you want to use wordswag for your PC then just follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Download the Bluestacks app from an authentic link
  • Search for the app in the desired app store
  • Make sure you are logged into your accounts while you are doing these
  • Download the app from that app store
  • Install the app
  • Open the app via blue stacks and you can use it in your PC

How to use Wordswag on Mac?

If you want to download wordswag on Mac then it would be highly similar to that in PC. For use in Mac also you will need the help of an emulator and without this, you will not be able to operate on the app. You can choose any emulator of your choice. Usually, an emulator named Fing is used by many to run word swag on PC. Otherwise, if you do not want to use an emulator then you will have to look for similar apps in the google play store which is again a tough task as very few apps offer you this kind of facility at this price rate.

Besides these, you can also use similar apps like Canva, iPhoto for windows, Adobe Spark, Snappa and many others for similar kinds of tasks. However, wordswag is more popular and user-friendly as compared to other apps. Wordswag offers the users numerous editing and graphics option that no other app can provide.

Some Alternative Text Swag app

Wordswag Alternative For PC is not the only text changing graphical apps. There are more out there. Pick up the one you think best goes to you and compatible with your work. So let’s have a look at the fantastic text swag:


Canva is a fabulous application that allows you to enjoy free photo editing and ultimate graphics tools. It amazingly produces designs with extreme simplicity. You can easily create beautiful looking designs for your work, school, play, college, and anything else and it does not need any rough and tough designing skills and complexity of software for having such level of designs. Whether you want to make Instagram posts, Facebook profile, Photo editing, Pic collage, poster making, or Wedding invitation, etc. it lets you do all these things with ease and much convenience.

Canva – Free Photo Editor & Graphic Design is an extremely amazing utility through which you can make your brand and your life look awesome on your social media account. You can easily add design to Flyers, Posters, Blog banners, Invitation cards, Photo collage, and any other part of your life. It lets you select over 60,000 templates, add text to your photos, choose from over 1 million stock photos, share and publish directly, and enjoy lot more. So just download this amazing designing tool Canva – Free Photo Editor & Graphic Design to create beautiful designs anywhere.


Recite is another application that helps you get the amazing experience of creating stunning photos filled with your own art of work, introduced by Internet Incubator LLC. It is a great application for thinkers and quotation makers that who to bring their strength of words to the extreme level. Having this app on your mobile phone, you can convert any quotes into a work of art in no time. Recite – Create Visual Quotes delivers a massive library of amazing layouts through which you can pick any of your desired one which better fits your texts.

You can easily enter your quotes into the text box provided by this superb app and then browse through a variety of layouts from its own library. Recite – Create Visual Quotes delivers a number of amazing layouts to choose from and you can easily fit your words in them to make complementary photos. Recite – Create Visual Quotes is the best utility through which you can easily bring your class in front of the whole word by posting these ultimate things. So just download Recite – Create Visual Quotes, and reveal the talent of your words in front of this universe.


Snappa is the finest production of i-MAGiNE that helps you make stunning things and capture the world around you with static images and moving videos. It is an amazing platform to reveal any of your story in front of the whole world around you by sharing videos of up to 15 seconds and photos as well. It is a remarkable application through which you can easily tell the world what you up to are. Snappa brings a cool and pretty different way to share your photos and videos. Through this application,


you can easily share photos and short videos. It is the finest platform through which you can whip up graphics for social media accounts, blogs, brands, ads, and more without graphic designers and Photoshop. Some of its core features include the providence of a fully featured graphics editor, massive library of more than 200 fonts, over 3,500 graphics approach, above 50,000 photos to browse, enjoy a number professional quality templates, magically resize your graphics, and lot more. So just download Snappa and create beautiful graphics in a snap.

VideoFX Live

VideoFX Live is an amazing app through which users can enjoy a hell of fun by creating awesome music videos live from their mobile phones.  VideoFX Live is introduced by the Frontier Design Group (which has also introduced Video Star app) through which users can enjoy a variety of real-time effects to make your ordinary videos thousands times more fun-looking and interesting. It is incredibly easy to use app which does not require any setup so that you just have to press Record and go. VideoFX Live lets you enjoy tons of effects during, before, and after the recording of your videos. You can also shoot multiple scenes by stop the video to change location and then resume it for restart your same recording but with the new scene.

VideoFX Live

You can easily manage all the features within this app, and your video does not require any external editing from any external application. It is an all in one utility through which you can easily shoot awesome vines, stunning video clips, extraordinary stuff for your vlogs, spectacular stop-motion videos, and great birthday videos to share them with your friends, fans, and family members,


iMovie is an application for the Mac and iOS devices that lets the Apple users to enjoy their movies in a new style. This application makes it easy for the Apple users to easy browse their favorite clips and creates the video clips like Hollywood style and all in stunning 4K resolution movies. It even allows its users to start edit their movies in HD quality on their iDevices for free. After the finalization of the video the users will then get the premier on all of their devices. Whatever platform you are using either it is Mac OS X or iOS, iMovie will make it possible for you to set your video and movie clips in a new style.


With the usage of this application you can even add titles, music, effects and much more on the selected clip. The best about this application is that it allows its users to even deal with 4K video for getting stunning cinema quality movies. Overall, iMovie is one of the best apps for getting high quality videos.


VideoShow is the name of the best in the class video editing application that empowers you to make fun motion pictures utilizing the recordings that you shoot with and store in your smartphones. The application permits you to take any video on your gadget and apply distinctive channels – like Instagram-style shading profiles – to it. That way, your outcomes could have a hotter or cooler impact, or be changed to profoundly different or sepia tones. You can likewise utilize VideoShow to add subtitles to any video or to change its sound. Just select the proper edit and adjust native while you play the video from inside the directory, and you can apply any modification you so pick.


Once you’ve wrapped up your video, you can send out it with the same quality as the first, or pack it to spare space. Apparently, on the off chance that you zipped it, the quality will be diminished, yet it will likewise be less demanding to share to others. VideoShow is a straightforward video editing device that produces great results. It’s optimal to help you roll out little improvements to your most loved recordings.

Video Star

Video Star is a tremendously great app for making beautiful and amazing music videos of you along with your friends and others. This app is a fine product of Frontier Design Group that offers a massive bundle of amazing features for creating some awesome videos. It’s a great app to have fun videos with your family members, girlfriends, friends, colleagues, and other mates. It delivers hundreds of inbuilt effects that you can easily apply to your music videos. It offers a damn easy to use criteria through which you just have to select a song and start shooting an amazing vine.

Video Star

You can easily create reversed or backwards clips, add power packs to crank up the awesome, move in slow motion as well as in fast motion, and act along with the clones of yourself. You can also enjoy stop motions and green screen effects of this app. Video Star makes it so easy to add a song to any video that you shoot. This creative video making tool filled with a huge number of fun factors. So just begin the fun by downloading Video Star app on your mobile phones.


Pexels is a great application through which you can not only browse a huge number of magnificent and awesome images, but you can also put your imagination to the extreme level. Pexels is an amazing platform that delivers the free stock photos in one intuitive place from where you can not only see this extremely amazing and ultimate photography but also download any of your desired ones for setting it to your home screen, lock screen, and desktops for your PCs as well. It currently consists of more than 40,000 free stock images and adds at least 3 thousand extreme HD photos for every month. All of these photos are handpicked and sourced from free image websites and its users.


Its community of photographs and sources like Little visuals, Gratisography, Pixabay and much more adds this photography stuff to its massive library. You can easily search any of favourite tag including People, Light, Friends, Face, desert, Couple, Universe, Adults, and any of your desired one. You can browse and enjoy from its Trending photos, popular photos, Leaderboard, photo challenges, Photos by colours, and more.

Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Magisto Video Editor & Maker is a flamboyant app where stories come alive. It is a great application through which you can make vivid video stories for you. It is a smart video editing application through which users can easily create perfect looking and outstanding videos in minutes. It provides the finest way to grab the attention of individuals on any social media platforms through editing videos through this superb tool. Magisto Video Editor & Maker provides the best and the easiest way to make extreme level videos. You can make stunning videos through three simple steps. It helps you make slideshows and video collage that feels like a real-time video using your photos.

Magisto Video Editor & Maker

You just have to choose smart video editing style, choose video clips and photos, choose music for videos, and that’s it. Magisto Video Editor & Maker offers a library of songs to choose for your videos. Using this super stunning application, you can create travel videos, real estate videos, business videos, baby videos, birthday videos, pet videos, selfie video, sports videos, wedding videos, personal videos, training videos, music videos, vine videos and any of your desired one. So just download this app to enjoy the community of 80 million video storytellers from around the world.


Videoshop is widely called to be one of the fastest and simplest video editing and video sharing app for the smartphone users. It is recommended because of having quick editing and mixing tools in the shape of filters, high tech editing functions, videos personalization systems, filters and a lot of several other effects to lets the users to create videos like a professional video maker and editor. With the usage of this simple to use application you will get the chance to integrate your songs to the video, will be able to cut the unwanted moments, adjusting video speed to set slow motion, adding subtitles with additional system of typing own messages onto a video, adding a broad range of sound effects, merging multiple clips into one and in the end sharing videos with friends.


Videoshop allows its users to share videos with friends over social media platforms and even on video streaming and sharing platform. The interface of this application is so simple and easy to understand that you will not face any difficulty while using this professional level of application.

Beauty Video Editor & Effects

As the name suggests, this video editing application is containing two functions in the shape of video editing and video effects. If you are looking for the answer of how to create your own video in a more professional and personalized way then Beauty Video Editor & Effects is an application containing all those features and functions allowing you to go with your video in the way you want.

Three simple steps are involved with using this application. The process start from choosing video, then creating video and in the end sharing with others. The key features of this application are that it is containing video merger, video trimmer, free video cutter, free video joiner, and much more. Beauty Video Editor & Effects even allow its users to even preview the all editing operations, edit video with music without even watermark, add background music to the video, making own music video, setting video brightness, color adjustment system, reverse video camera, fill content editing functions and much more. Beauty Video Editor & Effects allow the users to share videos as well.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is an amazing platform that helps you make graphics and photo collages with extreme professionalism and well convenience. It is a great utility for customizing free professional designs for all occasions. It has made it easy to create collages, social posts for any of your social media account, and any flyers as well. It is a superb application through which you can turn your design into animations in one tap so that you can make your followers get amazed at your eye-catching animated posts. Adobe Spark Post also lets you apply tons of designs to transform your texts and photos and resize text magically to make your designs shine in an ultimate way.

It is one of the most fun, fast, and easy to use application to create stunning graphics for all occasions including any of your posters, flyers, wedding invitations, Facebook profiles, and any of your concerned things. You can easily download this application and get started in seconds with professionally designed ultimate templates with just a few taps. You just have to pick your photos, add text, and apply design filters to instantly create beautiful and stunning graphics through this superb app.


Piktochart is a widely used application to bring ease for getting your graphics stuff done with pretty much comfort. It is an easy to use tool for Design making, info-graphics making, point making, flyer making, and presentation making, etc. It does not include any heavy fee, complex design software or any other hard and fast rules for enjoying such a class. Piktochart is a simple to use and intuitive tool that help you reveal your story with the visual impact that it deserves. It is professionally designed app to make your communication way better than before. Pikto chart allows its users to go ahead and be picky by having plenty of ways to make their stories speak louder than their official words.

You can efficiently create professional looking presentations reposts, posters, flyers, and other infographics like never before. It contains a variety of templates to pick from its massive library. Its talented designer works so hard to make it damn easy to do all these mentioned things with ease and professionalism. So give Piktochart app a chance, and become a designer in no time.

How to Download and Install Wordswag Alternative for PC?

Graphics creation apps are the most famous ones these days and if you have been looking for an app that can create original graphics for you then one of the most common answers is wordswag. When you want to use the wordswag app on your PC or your Apple devices then you need to search for wordswag alternative for pc or Mac. The original wordswag app is designed for mobile devices like those operating on android and if you want to use it on your PC then just follow some of these simple steps. Starting from cool fonts to nice quotes and adding them to your photos and much more, the app can do a lot. It is basically an app that deals with designer typography generator.


WordSwag is a free software to edit text and graphics. Turn your word into an appointment and design with beautiful WordSwag Alternatives. It is special software that helps in the design of graphics. Anyone can add subtitles to a photo or create a graphic and share it on social networks. There are many looting, and the loot is one of them. Download the Wordswag alternative for PC, as it is also available for the Windows edition. It is nice and easy to work. You need an emulator to download it.

With the WordSwag Alternatives, you can design your text according to your wishes. You don’t have to do everything specifically because applications can automatically create attractive designs. Fortunately, you can now use the alternatives on your PC.

Author’s Opinion regarding the Wordswag Alternative For PC

The Wordswag Alternative For PC has very strong features, while considering the security purpose, priority is very high. No VPN or RDP are required for the said purpose. In some cases, emulator also working fine and middleware software also have the important role for smooth functioning. Therefore, author recommended the Wordswag Alternative For PC for your personal use and has no issue regarding the installation on PC (Windows and Mac). I hope you also use it without any trouble, if you have any issue, please mentioned in the email, we will provide you answer with proper solutions. Please like and share with other, we did lot of efforts during the collections of the software for your download.

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