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Typorama For PC

Although pictures say more than thousand words you want or even text to a photo to add. Perhaps to an invitation to create, a beautiful quote to a photo to add, or to a certain other way, something unique and a picture. Abounding of the apps to do it, or to make your photos more beautiful with filters and effects, but Typorama is an exception to the rule. With this photo app , you add really add to images, or choose an existing picture to the right. Advantage is that you immediately shows you where you have your photo to use, so the size immediately right.

Typorama For PC

Typorama for PC (Download) -Windows (10,8,7,XP )Mac, Vista, Laptop for free

Typorama For PC is a fantastic app for iPhone and iPod that turns ordinary texts into eye-catching and breathtaking typographic designs with some specially customized tools.

The word by many is ‘automagically’. No special design skill is required to use Typorama. All that’s needed is to follow the instructions that come with the app.

Just select a background image, enter some text or a quote generated at random, adjust the styles and your amazing artwork is ready.

Few taps and touches are just adequate to make you a master of art. The designs Typorama does in minutes or even seconds would take hours on Photoshop or Corel Draw.

The following are the benefits of Typorama:

  1. Create amazing typographic designs and arts.
  2. Design headers for your blogs.
  3. Make wallpapers and screensavers for your iPhone.
  4. Start an art galleria by making your designs physical.
  5. Enrich your photographic memories with beautiful designs and creativity.

Typorama is free to use and only available for iOS.

Although the name suggests otherwise, Typorama more than one app to just text to your photos to add. The app has over 100 different fonts and there are several ways to type a text on a image. Typorama put your photos and text directly to visual delights.

There are several ways to proceed. It is possible to from a database an image search, or a photo import from your smartphone. After an image has chosen to provide you, as first to where it will be used, for example, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, or as a background on your phone, so that the correct size is determined. You then click on ‘Done’, and then in the editor of the app.

Here you go to your image editing. You type your text, where you can choose from many different styles. The size of the text to customize with your fingers and you drag the text that way to the desired place on the image. In addition, the color of the text, add shadows or other effects, is the text transparent or choose one of the many built-in templates, to your text to give shape. So you adjust your text completely to your liking, something that Photoshop hours would cost. It is still possible to make the image more attractive with a wide range of built-in filters and effects, and your picture is still to change what brightness, contrast, saturation and more. The options are huge. When you are finished, you can share your edited photos via your social media, e-mail or messenger.

With Typorama makes it a snap to create beautiful designs for your social media, flyers, or posters, or a meeting that you organize. The app challenges you really have to be creative and within a few clicks you have a stunning result. It is still possible to have your own logo and add, but for that you need the app to buy.

Typorama For PC, Windows & Mac – Free Download

Are you curious about the idea of ​​graphic quotes and beautiful letters? Then Typorama is the right application for you. With this app you can create typographic designs as you wish. In this article, we will see the details of this great application. We will see what features it offers, what advantages it offers and how it is available for your PC.

Typorama is also a text-decoration application that allows you to create fantastic visual images with many functions and effects. In addition, every user can creatively create typographic art. The user does not need any design knowledge.

About Typorama

As already mentioned, this is a fantastic application that allows you to convert common texts into impressive typographic designs. You can currently only find this application on the iPad or iPhone. However, we did list a few steps later in this article to show you how to download the application to your PC.

You don’t need any exemplary design skills to use this application. It can be used by anyone as long as they follow the instructions you have set. Typorama saves you a lot of hard work. All you have to do is select a fund by choosing the standard or by searching for another using a keyword. From there you can now write words and voila! You have your typography.

Text drafts are not templates but are generated randomly when choosing different styles. A lot of work is required to create such beautiful fonts and designs with a blinding background when using Photoshop or a similar photo editing program.

The free version remains the logo of Typorama on your images.

Typorama has the following characteristics

  • add beautiful text to photos,
  • free app available for iOS,
  • has a pro-version with more options
  • choose a custom image or a photo from the database,
  • offers more than 100 different font,
  • makes photos instantly tailor-made for different media,
  • share your photo directly on social media or via e-mail or messenger.

Typorama Features

  • More than 50 different typographic text styles.
  • More than 100 different fonts and fonts of famous designs
  • Double-click and preview the image with text editing.
  • Can create transparent background images
  • It’s easy to create a square picture that will fit on social networks like WhatsApp, Twitter and more.
  • Easy to share with a friend who adds art.
  • Many later mosaics and textures available
  • Supports custom font styles
  • There are other features like 3D distortion, applying gradient colors, shadows to your text and much more.
  • Several hundreds of readymade pictures from Unsplash and Pixabay.
  • Lots of pre-installed inspirational quotes.
  • Ability to create and add your personal watermark to pictures. This watermark is automatically added after the first time. This feature costs $4.99.
  • More than 50 beautiful text fonts, designs and layouts.
  • 3D distortion, gradient color application and text shadows.
  • Gradual deletion of picture so as to place your text attachment properly.
  • Color combinations for words.
  • Advanced crop rotation that enables perfect angle-cutting for your pictures.
  • Easy share via all social media platforms and even as direct messages.
  • Adornments such as badges and ribbons are available.

How to install Typorama for PC with Windows 10, 8, 7 and Mac

To install Typorama for PC, you have to install the Bluestack Android emulator, since Typorama does not start a desktop version. Therefore we will first install the emulator and install Typorama there. Then you can use Typorama for Windows and Mac.

1. First. Download the installation file for the Bluestack emulator. Use this official download link to download the Bluestack installation file.

2. After downloading the installation file, start the installation on your computer. Read the Bluestack installation guide here.

3. After installation, look for a search field on the home screen on the Bluestack home screen. Enter Typorama and click on Search Apple App Store.

4. Use the search result to find the details of the application. Now locate the installation button and click on it to install it.

5. When the installation is complete, the Typorama application shortcut is displayed on the Bluestack home screen. Click on it and start Typorama for Windows. If you are using a Mac, do the same on the Mac computer to install Typorama for Mac.

Typorama For PC


In addition, the Typorama application has numerous functions with which you can create new offers according to your wishes. Some users believe that design skills need this app. However, use of this application is not required for design knowledge. Even Typorama is not available to desktop users. The Bluestack emulator helps with the installation of this app for computers. Then leave a comment below if you have any questions about installation.

Author’s Opinion regarding the Typorama For PC

The Typorama For PC has very strong features, while considering the security purpose, priority is very high. No VPN or RDP are required for the said purpose. In some cases, emulator also working fine and middleware software also have the important role for smooth functioning. Therefore, author recommended the Typorama For PC for your personal use and has no issue regarding the installation on PC (Windows and Mac). I hope you also use it without any trouble, if you have any issue, please mentioned in the email, we will provide you answer with proper solutions. Please like and share with other, we did lot of efforts during the collections of the software for your download.

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