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tool to unlock the FRP of Samsung devices

Samsung FRP Tool For PC Windows 7/8.1/10/11 (32-bit or 64-bit) & Mac

Samsung FRP Tool For PC Windows 7/8.1/10/11 (32-bit or 64-bit) & Mac

Samsung FRP Tool for PC Are you stuck at “Your device was reset; please sign in with your Google account, which was previously synced with the device”? Yes, when you enable FRP (Factory Reset Protection) and reset the device it asks for the details. You can use the Samsung FRP tool for PC to get this problem solved. This tool was specifically designed to help Samsung users, which get to forget their previously used Google account.

You can download the Samsung FRP tool for PC from the given download link and can remove the FRP lock of your Samsung device.

The Samsung FRP (Factory Reset Protection) Tool for PC is a software application designed to help users bypass the FRP lock on Samsung devices. FRP is a security feature implemented by Samsung to prevent unauthorized access to a device after it has been reset to factory settings. This tool comes in handy when users forget their Google account credentials and are unable to access their device.

The tool functions by allowing users to connect their Samsung device to a computer and then using the software to bypass the FRP lock. It does so by exploiting certain vulnerabilities in the device’s firmware or software, effectively granting access to the device even without the original Google account credentials. It’s important to note that while this tool can be useful for legitimate purposes, such as when users genuinely forget their account information, it can also be misused for unauthorized access to locked devices.

Latest Version

Updated on
Aug 9, 2023

What is Samsung FRP?

Samsung FRP is an Android security system that helps you out safely and secures your phone’s data. So when you lose your phone or someone tries to unlock your phone, this FRP will block the phone, and the date will be safe and sound.

What is FRP Bypass?

To unlock or bypass this security system known as “Factory Reset Protection” (FRP). You can use any way to unlock your locked phone. In this case, what we are discussing is called FRP bypass. If this is on a Samsung device, we call it Samsung FRP Byass.

How to use the Samsung FRP tool for PC Windows 7/8.1/10/11?

Do you really want to know how this tool works? Walk with me; I will elaborate on every step of using this splendid tool. First, download this application from the given download link.

And you need to install it on the computer, connect the device (FRP Locked device) using a data cable.

  • Install the proper Samsung USB drivers on your computer.
  • Launch the tool on the PC.
  • And choose your device, model number, etc.
  • And on the right-hand side of the tool, you see the FRP lock bypass.

Tap this option, and within a few minutes, you will see the FRP lock option has bypassed the account.

Now, the phone gets restarted, and you will be using this like before, without any restrictions.

Now, afterward, you will be using the phone without notification of providing the Google account details.

What is Android FRP?

FRP lock option originally comes on Android 6.0 and has higher versions than this. And Samsung was the first company to execute plans to secure users’ data from any seeker. When you get this option enabled, your phone gets secured. If a third person catches your phone and wants to spoil the stored data, he will be asked about the Google Account details, the password, etc.

That way, the phone was rescued from the anonymous factory data reset.

Samsung FRP Remover tool for Samsung Devices

  • D&G FRP unlocker
  • FRP hijacker By Haggard
  • Samsung bypass Google verify
  • Samsung FRP Bypass APK
  • Samsung FRP Helper
  • HushSMS
  • Pangu FRP Bypass

While Downloading this tool (Samsung FRP Tool for PC), the download page tells about its infection. But you have to click download anyways. So the file will start to download on your Windows 7/8.1/10/11 right away. As it is the cracked version of this Samsung FRP remover tool.

How To Use Samsung FRP Tools APK

We will describe to you 2 methods for using Samsung APK Tools, one Method is for APK Tools, and 2nd Method is for PC Tools. Apk means these are the tools in apk application extension, and these tools can only be run on Android devices, and PC Tools can only be run on PC/LAPTOP devices.

We recommend reading this first if your Samsung Galaxy device has an android version like 8.0 or 7.0. so for that, you should follow (Talkback) Method, and by following this Method, you need to access “Chrome Browser”; once you access there, open this tech-eligible page on your mobile and then download from there Samsung FRP bypass tool to unlock FRP if you want to understand this Method in more description,

How to Use Samsung FRP PC Software

You will need to enable “ADB Mode” on your device. If you are unable to get ADB Mode, so you can also keep your device on Download Mode and then flash your device with “Combination FIRMWARE ” “after that, you can easily enable “USB Debugging” and ADB mode once it’s enabled, install software from above, and then connect your device to a computer for completing flash method.

Samsung FRP Tool | Remove FRP Lock From Samsung Devices

Samsung FRP Tool is the tool to unlock the FRP of Samsung devices. It is 100% tasted and also free to download. However, the little application takes up a little space of your device and allows you to bypass FRP. So, if you want to bypass any kinds of Samsung device FRP, you can take this tool without any hesitation. There are some tools for Samsung’s hard reset. So, it is essential to choose the right one—Release Version Download the Samsung FRP tool. FRP tool Samsung for all Samsung devices FRP unlock.

Features of Samsung FRP Remove Tool

There are different kinds of Samsung’s Latest FRP tools. Each comes with unique features. Let’s see the main features of the Samsung FRP Unlock Tools.

  • It can easily remove the Samsung FRP.
  • It is a free tool for download.
  • Samsung Galaxy phones are highly preferred for this tool.
  • You can share this tool with your friends.
  • This tool also allows you to reset the phone dialer.

There are some kinds of FRP tools for Samsung devices. Let’s see them.

Samsung ReactivationLock Remove Tool Update Version Download.

  • Features

[1] Remove FRP Lock

[2]Relock FRP

[3] Soft brick Error Fixed

[4] ADB Enable

[5] Factory Reset

Reactivation Lock Remove Tool Download

Samsung FRP Hijacker Tool Setup

It is the FRP tool for Samsung devices. To install this tool, you need the following steps.

  • First, download this tool.
  • Besides, you need to download and install the Microsoft Net Framework.
  • Then click twice FRP Hijacker setup.exe.
  • The tool then provides you with a password.
  • You need to use this password.
  • Then run this tool after connecting your device to the computer.
  • Now the tool is ready to remove FRP.

How to remove Samsung FRP with FRP Hijacker

Let’s see how to remove Samsung FRP with the FRP Hijacker tool.

  • At first, extract the tool.
  • Then open the setup file.
  • Now select your Samsung device’s model.
  • Then connect your device to the PC with a USB cable in the download mode.
  • To remove FRP, select the Hijack It button.
  • It will remove FRP 100%.

What is Android FRP Factory Reset Protection?

Google has introduced a new feature to its Android devices to protect users” data and privacy. That is called FRP factory Reset Protection verification. This feature protects your phone from unauthorized access if you lost your phone or someone just stole your device or tried to access your device and factory reset your device without your permission. Then FRP will automatically get enabled and ask the user to verify their identity.

But there are too many processes available right now to Bypass FRP verification, so that’s why Google updated its security patch to keep our phones safe from bypassing the security feature. But with this feature, too many android owners face FRP lock issues because they forget their old Pre-sync Gmail ID and password. So that’s why we will share here the 10 Best Samsung FRP Tools for your Samsung mobiles and Tablets. People who buy second-hand phones or buy refurbished phones then they also facing the FRP lock problem as well. So why are people searching for how to Bypass Google Account Verification lock devices’ home screens?

If your device’s Android version is lower than 5.0 lollipop, you can’t do anything because he can bypass the pin lock by factory reset.

10 Best Samsung FRP Tool To Bypass FRP Lock

So check below for the 10 Best Samsung FRP tools to download for PC and mobile. However, here below we discuss their features, pros, and cons.

FRP Bypass APK Download for Samsung Android

FRP Bypass Apk is the best application to Bypass Google Account lock from all Samsung mobiles. This application works on all Android versions (5-9) Lolipop – Pie and all device brands including Samsung, Huawei, LG, Micromax, Infinix, Hisense, Realme, Oppo, Vivo, and many other Android devices.

To use this tool, you have to follow the below process first. Then you can install the apk file to bypass the FRP lock protection. First, Google always tries to update its security patch, so we can’t share the latest Method here.

Usual Method: First, enable the talkback option to open the chrome browser than on the Chrome browser search bar, search and download FRP bypass apk 2019 (type this on the search, then download and install the apk file then open the FRP Bypass apk. After that, tap on Google Account Manager, install Google Account Manager 6 from there and go back to the app screen. After that, tap on the bypass FRP and select browser sign-in.

Then type your Gmail ID and restart your device. This is the easiest way to bypass Google account verification.

FRP Bypass apk is a convenient and easy-to-use tool. It is less than 8mb and supports almost every Android version. It saves valuable time, so try this tool and unlock your device within a few minutes.


  • It works on almost every Android version.
  • One-click FRP unlocks from Any devices.


  • You can’t download this tool from the play store.

This is one of the best Samsung FRP tools, and it’s ultimately free to unlock the FRP lock. That’s why you can try.

2. ddu Flasher Tool

This is also the best free Samsung FRP Bypass tool for PC till now. With this tool, you can quickly bypass FRP lock from almost all Services. Just download and install this tool on your PC. GSM Flasher tool works on almost every Windows 7/8.1/10/11 and Mac version without showing any error.

Download GSM Flasher Tool

Once you installed the program on your pc. Then you can easily bypass the FRP lock. This tool has multiplier ar, including Samsung Download mode, ADB mode, and Flashing FRP File to remove frp lock.

The main features of this tool users can also unlock or remove the pattern lock from Samsung devices.

The GSM Flasher tool is one of the best FRP lock tools; you can use this tool.

3. FRP Hijacker Tool

The best Samsung FRP Tool for PC is FRP Hijacker Tool. This tool works on every Samsung Android device to FRP Unlock. First, you must download and install this tool on your PC.

Bypass FRP Lock is not an easy task, especially for Samsung devices. But with this tool, you can easily bypass your Samsung smartphones. FRP Hijacker tool allows you to bypass the FRP lock on multiple methods, including Samsung Download mode, ADB mode, and Flashing mode, Millions of users worldwide are using this tool right now.

FRP hijacker one of the easy tool, therefore, no need to be an expert in using this tool. You can find our detailed guide below to install and use this tool.

Download FRP Hijacker Tool

You can check this tool once if you have an FRP-enabled Samsung device. Younker tool supports more than 300 models. we tested more than 100 devices. That’s why we are recommended you use this tool,


  • It works on almost every Samsung Android device.
  • Download Mode FRP unlocks from Samsung mobiles.


  • No update till now.

3.Quick Shortcut Maker APK

Quick shortcut maker apk one of the best applications for unlocking FRP lock. One of the most user-recommended tools for removing FRP until now. There was significantly less probability that this tool might not be working.

Before anyone uses this tool, they must need to follow some procedure. Otherwise, this tool will not work. First, the user must follow some processes before trying this tool to remove the FRP lock. Quick Shortcut maker requires a working wi-fi connection to bypass the FRP lock successfully. We have given you a detailed guide on adequately using this Samsung FRP Bypass tool.

Quick Shortcut maker works on almost every Android 5.0 Lollipop and Marshmallow 6- 6.1. The significant features of this tool are that you can use this tool on any Android device, including Samsung, Huawei, LG, Micromax, Infinix, Hisense, Realme, Oppo, Vivo, and many others Android devices.

First of all, Google always tries to update their security patch, so we can’t share the latest Method here, but we share the latest method link here to help you out.


  • Works on almost every Samsung Android device.
  • Download Mode FRP unlocks from Samsung mobiles.


  • Little complicated for new users.

4. FRP Bypass Service/Samsung Reactivation Lock

If you are feeling complicated to following free bypassing methods, then there is a solution for you; this is not a free solution or no need such FRP bypass apk or FRP bypass tool or no need to following any complex videos; you can unlock FRP from your phone by using IMEI number.

Yes, we are unlocking the FRP lock using your IMEI number. You can order from us below. If you need such a service, check the link below and order from us. Then we will unlock your device FRP lock easily. Just visit our shopping page, select or type your model number there, enter your device IMEI number without any spaces, and then you will receive a unique user ID and Password to reset your Samsung mobile. Check the link we provided you with a detailed guide on removing the FRP lock from Samsung with FRP bypass service.

Guide: How to Remove FRP Lock from Samsung

Once your order is, within 24-72hrs, we will clear your order.


  • Works on almost every Samsung Android device.
  • Download Mode requires FRP unlocks from Samsung mobiles.


  • waiting time is too long.

FRP Bypass Service is one of the best alternatives for Samsung FRP Bypass Tools. You Can Try Out here.

Author’s Opinion regarding the Samsung FRP Tool For PC Windows 7/8.1/10/11 (32-bit or 64-bit) & Mac

The Samsung FRP Tool For PC has powerful features while considering the security purpose; priority is very high. No VPN or RDP is required for the said purpose. In some cases, the emulator also works fine, and middleware software also has an essential role in smooth functioning. Therefore, the author recommended the Samsung FRP Tool For PC for your personal use and has no issue regarding the installation on PC (Windows 7/8.1/10/11 and Mac). I hope you also use it without any trouble. If you have any issues, please mentioned in the email, and we will provide you with proper solutions. Please like and share with others. We made a lot of effort while collecting the software for your download.

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