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Spotify Premium free PC

Spotify Premium for PC Full Version & All Features Added 2020

Spotify Premium For Free On PC – Hey guys! Today I will tell you about the great stuff through which you can use Spotify Premium account freely on the PC. You know that Spotify is an international app used for songs and video streaming. Below video will tell you how to remove ads on Spotify free version.

Some features are free and some are paid. With free accounts, you can get limited features free of cost by logging into the app. But in the premium accounts, you have access to all features of the app. So, everyone wants access to premium features. But I will tell you a way through which you can get the premium account free of cost.

How To Get Spotify Premium Free Download

spotify premium free pc

Here you can find How to download Spotify premium for PC and also it’s free of charge download for pc. Millions of users have a Spotify app on their Smartphone. If you are looking for Spotify premium version free on your PC then you are the right place to find. We have mentioned all details about Spotify Premium Free Download for PC.

With this Spotify premium PC app, you can enjoy millions of music for free. Also, it has many functionality mentions on the latest version of the Spotify app. Many people have an already installed app on their Smartphone, pc and mac. Where people easily add their favorite songs easily.

Which has a different readymade list of songs to change your mood. There are millions of tracks that you can easy to stream any genre song very easily on Spotify for windows 10. Also, that offer you radio stations, where you listen to the well-liked song one by one.

Spotify premium pc app available for all platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux computers, as well as iOS, Windows Phone and Android Smartphones and tablets.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free for PC 2020?

Spotify crack PC You know that Spotify has two different types of accounts. You can use the free account without paying anything with the basic features. Premium account has all features. I know you want the premium account so don’t worry, there are lot of crack versions available on the internet. Download the crack version from our website which will give you access to all features free of cost.

Without delaying, There are 2 Ways of Getting Spotify Premium on your PC, Let’s Discuss each of the methods elaborately for Spotify for PC

All the Download Links & Files provided on this website are 100% Virus Free, Visitors safety is our first priority!

Finally, The first method to get spotify premium for pc is here!

Features of Spotify Premium for PC

  • You can listen to any radio channel.
  • The main features are that you can access premium resources without paying any money.
  • You can easily save songs offline.
  •  It has good radio services
  • With the Premium version of Spotify allows you to unlock the seeking feature.
  • No any Ads interrupt
  • You can create a playlist to add music to your playlist.
  • It has a Good Sound Quality
  • Get free for 30 days without any string.
  • You can download and listen to audiobooks free of cost.
  • Also, get the Readymade playlist to play music instantly
  • With Audiobooks, podcasts, and videos available.
  • You can download any song track of any singer or album.
  • Easy to make your Personalized playlist option

Method 1 – Using Android Emulator

In This Method, We will be downloading Spotify Premium Apk, Whose link will be provided below, This Spotify Crack PC Premium works in the best way!

How to install on PC?

  • You need a PC with the internet connection.
  • Download Bluestack or any other android emulator from the internet.
  • After downloading blue stack, install it.
  • Create your account, now you are able to use Play Store.
  • Download Spotify app from play store. It will automatically install it. Or drag the APK file from your PC in the blue stack and install it.

Method 2 – Installing Spotify Cracked Exe File

Furthermore, In This Method, Spotify Patched Executable file will be available, Follow the Steps below. Spotify Download Windows

  • Download Spotify Cracked PC exe file.
  • Extract All the files
  • Install the Spotify installation application.
  • Then Run, Setup.bat as Administrator.
  • That bat file will make your Spotify patched to Spotify Premium.

These are the methods we use to get Spotify premium free for pc.

Why Spotify Premium For Windows PC?

Many people want to use these types of apps on PC, but the question is that why they want to use them on PC or Laptop. There can be many reasons for this wish. People have craze of big screens that are not available on the mobile phones.

When you talk about PC or Laptop, there are big screens, high storage spaces, and powerful processors built in cheap rates. Songs and videos are required a lot of storage space that is not provided by mobile phones. So, due to these reasons, people want to use Spotify Premium free PC.

Minimum Requirements for Spotify Premium PC

Operating System: Windows 10
Processor x 86
Mouse Integrated Mouse
Keyboard Integrated Keyboard

Spotify Music Download PC

  • Open app simply and login to the Spotify.
  • Search for desired track.
  • Click on the download button.
  • Downloading will start automatically.
  • Do not worry about the delay, it all depends on your internet connection.

Key Features Of Spotify Premium Free PC

  • With the help of Spotify premium app,
  • you will be able to save songs offline.
  • It’s Play radio at any time
  • Premium version of Spotify allows you to unlock the seeking feature.
  • It’s Ad free
  • Good sound Quality
  • You can play free for 30 days without any string.
  • It has the Readymade playlist to play music instantly
  • In the app, Audiobooks, podcasts, and videos available.
  • It Gives Personalized playlist option

How to get Spotify on your Mac?

After Purchase Spotify Premium Account, you have to check where your download file will be saved in MAC, Follow instructions to get Spotify on your Mac:

  • If downloaded file not open by itself you need to check manually and click to Open
  • Double Click to open File, New window Popup , Now Drag Spotify icon to your Application Folder
  • Dialog box may be came “Spotify can’t be moved because Application can’t be modified”
  • Click to Authenticate enter the Administrator user and password in the text box and click to login to approve the process and install the Program
  • Again one more box will appear and says “Whether Spotify can access your keychain”
  • Click to Allow to give Spotify access to your Keychain. Your keychain can save you from having to enter the administrator password every time you open the program. But you may need to reenter it when the software gets updated every now and again.
  • Spotify is now stored in your Applications folder. You can create a link to it in your Dock by clicking and dragging the icon.

Spotify equalizer on PC Solution!

Spotify desktop app doesn’t have an equalizer. But you can do with your default settings. Go to sound icon on taskbar. Click the icon and click mixer and go to Speaker Properties. Click to enhancement tab and select tick to equalizer. Here you can do your favorite setting like pop, rock vocal etc.

Legal Ways to Get Spotify Premium for Free Forever

Spotify is one of the most welcomed streaming music services around the world. It offers two options for users to enjoy music, including Spotify Free and Premium.

The free tier service lets you stream all music from any categories online. And share playlists with friends via the track links. With the Spotify Premium membership, you can enjoy more wonderful premium features. You can download Spotify offline, enjoy ad-free extreme-quality songs, skip unlimited tracks, etc.

The problem is that the premium subscription charges $9.99 per month which is not cheap. Even if you are a student with up to 50% discount, sometimes you may still hesitate to buy it.

That is why many users are looking for tricks to get free Spotify premium. Based on this, today, I will share with you effective ways on how to get Spotify Premium free. They are working guaranteed and completely legal.

spotify premium free

Part 1. How to Get Spotify Premium Free on iOS (without Jailbreak)

You can update to Premium plan to get Spotify Premium free for iPhone. The shortcoming is that it’s only a 1-month free trial. Too short, isn’t it?

The best way to get Spotify Premium for free on iOS devices is to download a modified Spotify app, called Spotify++. You can get help from TweakApp, AppValley or Cydia Impactor, etc. without jailbreaking. Here, we will take TweakApp as an example to show you how to do it.

spotify premium free iphone

Use TweakApp to Install Spotify++ and Get Spotify Premium Free

Step 1. Launch the Safari web browser to navigate to TweakBox official website. The TweakBox app will show up. Please click the ‘Install Now’ button to install it on your iPhone.

Step 2. Open the TweakBox app from the home screen. Please select the Apps tab and scroll down to the Tweaked apps option.

Step 3. Type the Spotify++ on the search box of the TweakBox app. Find it, choose it, and tap the ‘Install’ button to download the free Spotify Premium version.

Step 4. When the installation finishes, please launch it. It will pop up a warning message, please choose the ‘Cancel’ it. It’s better to go to the ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > ‘Profiles’ to trust the developers.

Step 5. Congratulations! You can open the Spotify app, log in to your free Spotify account details. But you are enjoying the Spotify Premium features. You get Spotify Premium for free on iPhone successfully.

Part 2. How to Get Spotify Premium Free on Android (No Root)

When it comes to keeping Spotify Premium for free on Android, it’s like the way on the iPhone. Yet, there is a more straightforward method for Android devices. You can directly download the Spotify Premium APK file on it to get free Spotify Premium.

Obviously, there is no soup to download this modified Spotify app from Google Play Store. Here, we will walk you through the tutorial on how to have Spotify Premium for free on Android. To do this, please make sure you have uninstalled the official Spotify app in advance.

spotify premium free android

Use Spotify Premium APK File and Get Spotify Premium Free

Step 1. Open a web browser you often use to download the Spotify Premium APK file on Android.

Step 2. Navigate to the ‘Settings’ option on your Android. Please allow you to install a modified or hacked APK file under the ‘Unknown sources’ section.

Step 3. Unzip it and open the file to install it.

Step 4. After installation, please open the Spotify app and sign in with your free account on Spotify. You can enjoy almost all the premium features. It seems that you are using the Spotify Premium subscription.

It’s worth mentioning that a modified Spotify version is not legal to some extent. Based on this, it’s not a recommended way to get Spotify Premium free on iPhone and Android.

You can also follow the way in Part 4 and then transfer Spotify downloads to your mobile devices for offline playback.

Part 3. Get 3-month Spotify Premium Free Trial On PC/Mac

Spotify offers many promotion activities to attract new users. Such as 30/60 days/3 month free trial or 3-month use for only $0.99 Spotify deals.

These packages vary from time to time. You can pay attention to the Spotify official web page so that to pick up the best deal you want.

Here I take the 3-month free trial as an example to get Spotify Premium free. Let’s see how to create a free Spotify Premium account without paying for any money on your PC/Mac.

spotify premium free trial

Step 1. Open your web browser and then go to the Spotify home page.

Step 2. Click the button “Upgrade“, it will navigate to the premium page. There is a banner showing the free-trial offer.

Step 3. Tap “Get Premium“, it will prompt you to input your payment info to complete the subscription. You can pay with either credit card or PayPal.

Step 4. After subscribing, you can enjoy premium for 3 months for free. When it expires, if you don’t cancel it, it will charge you $9.99/month.

This way to get Spotify free Premium always comes with a big disadvantage. It will need you to pay for $9.99 per month once it expired.

Exquisite Tips

Spotify gift card also works well to extend your Spotify Premium trial period. If you have one from your friends, families, you can input the Spotify Premium code to do it.

Part 4. How to Get Spotify Premium for Free Forever After Free Trial

Spotify Premium account contains many benefits. Such as higher music quality, no ads, and unlimited skips. They are far better compared to the free account. The best bonus of it is that it allows users to download 3333 tracks on up to 3 of your devices.

What can you do if the free trial expired? Can you still keep these benefits? Instead of paying for the full money for it, is there any other way to get Spotify Premium for free forever?

You might ask your home or friends to share a premium account. Or try another credit card info to start a new trial. But, this is not perfect because you still can’t enjoy Spotify Premium features all the time. It’s better to download Spotify offline and get free Spotify Premium forever.

DRmare Spotify Downloader for Mac / DRmare Spotify Downloader for Windows is a dedicated solution for Spotify. It allows you to download and manage your Spotify songs offline without recording.

It will help you download all the original Spotify tracks with up to 320Kbps. The output formats include MP3, M4A, AAC, M4B, FLAC, WAV and so on. Besides, the ID3 tags, metadata such as year, title, artist, author, album cover are 100% kept. After that, you can get Spotify Premium for free.

Notes: Please don’t use ways recommended by others to crack Spotify Premium PC version. It’s not safe and might damage your computer.

Why DRmare Spotify Downloader Is Best

  • Full the Spotify music category support, download any playlist, track for free
  • Batch convert your songs and save your effort greatly
  • Powerful features to enhance your audio converting experience
  • The converted files can be played on unlimited Android/iOS mobile devices, etc.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free on PC / Mac

The following tutorial will show you how to extract the Spotify songs. So that you can control them in the same way that you do with Spotify Premium before. If you haven’t downloaded the software to your PC/Mac yet, you can go ahead to click the “Download” button. The DRmare software trial version is totally free.

Step 1Import the Spotify songs
import spotify music
Launch DRmare software, the Spotify app will be launched on your computer. In case you haven’t log in with your premium account, please go ahead to input the account name and password. After that, you can drag and drop any song or playlist from the Spotify app to the DRmare application.
Step 2Customize output Spotify files
select spotify output format
To get Spotify songs for free to play on more devices and players, MP3 format is highly recommended. It can not only keep the high quality but also has the best compatibility. Spotify MP3 files can be playable on desktop, Android phone, iPhone, web or app. Besides, you can change the channel, sample rate, bit rate. Finally, you can pick up the output folder. And you can choose to archive the playlist by artist/album for easier management.
Step 3Download Spotify music offline
get free spotify premium
After pressing the “Convert” button, it will start to convert Spotify music to MP3 songs. Generally it takes a few minutes to convert a small playlist. But if you have a long list, please wait a little bit longer patiently.
After that, the high-quality Spotify songs will save on your local computer forever. You can play them offline without irritating ads and you can skip any songs. And it works forever. No need to subscribe to Spotify Premium but still enjoy the same privilege anytime. To be honest, this is the best way to get Spotify premium free on PC and Mac computers.

Part 5. Get Free Spotify Premium After Buying a Samsung Galaxy 10

Spotify has cooperated with many companies to provide Spotify free giveaways. Samsung is one of them. If you buy a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you may be eligible for a 6-months free Spotify Premium.

The luck devices include Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10+, and Samsung Galaxy S10e.

redeem free spotify premium

Get Spotify Premium Free with Samsung Galaxy S10

Step 1. Install and open the Spotify app on your Galaxy S10.

Step 2. This offer is available for users who haven’t tried Spotify Premium before. So please create a free Spotify account.

Step 3. Log in your account and tap the ‘Premium’ tab on the bottom of your screen. It will show with you how you could get your first six months of Spotify Premium for free.

With this Spotify Premium account, you can play Spotify songs offline. You can also listen to on-demand music without ads.

Part 6. Use Free Spotify Premium Account to Enjoy Music

Some users may not care about spending on the monthly subscription fee. As a most-used streaming service, Spotify has many advantages to attract others to pay. But if you are not very rich, it is always advisable to get it free.

No matter which methods above you choose, you can have an unforgettable Spotify music entertainment. And save a lot of money considering how much does Spotify premium cost you in the long run.

Author’s Opinion regarding the Spotify Premium For Free On PC

The Spotify Premium For Free On PC has very strong features, while considering the security purpose, priority is very high. No VPN or RDP are required for the said purpose. In some cases, emulator also working fine and middleware software also have the important role for smooth functioning. Therefore, author recommended the Spotify Premium For Free On PC for your personal use and has no issue regarding the installation on PC (Windows and Mac). I hope you also use it without any trouble, if you have any issue, please mentioned in the email, we will provide you answer with proper solutions. Please like and share with other, we did lot of efforts during the collections of the software for your download.

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