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Hayday For PC

Hayday For PC Windows, Free Download

HayDay for PC is one of the most popular farming games on android and iOS devices. Explore your virtual farming skills in this game. Play the role of a farmer by learning the lay of the land and tending your crops. You will also enjoy trading goods with your neighbours and other farm friends. Share your farm with some of the exciting animals, which is one of the highlights of the game.

The free to download and install android game allows you to grow your farm and even customise it. Own your very own roadside shop to trade your fresh produce and goods with friends. Work on your orders using your truck or steamboat to deliver goods. Be the founder and developer of your very own town and have visitors come to you.

Initially, you will learn how to harvest crops after they fully-grow. Using the scythe icon that pops-up when your crops are ready, you will run it over the crops. You will plant crops on the empty plot by tapping on the available crops for their seeds. You will then plant these seeds in the available farming plot. The supply you own gets multiplied when these crops grow and ready for harvest. Customise the building surrounding your farm. You can also paint your farmhouse and more when you upgrade to your PC for a better viewing experience.Hay Day for PC

Hay Day is also considered to be a social communication enhancing game. It is because it allows you to trade your goods and crops with friends online. The game is soon gaining popularity as the most sought-after farming game on android. You will be the sole owner of your farm, choosing to grow the crops you like. The farm animals raised on your barn add a comic advantage augmenting the entertainment factor of the game.

Tend to your crops and farm animals on your PC and Mac with BlueStacks. You will receive certain special power-ups exclusively when playing with BlueStacks. This, however, you do not experience while playing on your android and iOS devices.

Also, playing your android apps with BlueStacks on your PC is 6x faster and better when compared to your android devices.

How to get Hay Day on PC and MAC?

Hay Day on PC
Hay Day is an android game and installing and playing the game on your PC requires installation of an app emulator like BlueStacks and Nox. You need to use these emulators to shift the android set up to PC and MAC environment. App emulators like BlueStacks provide a virtual environment structure on your PC to accommodate the virtual environment setup of your android. App emulators are both safe and trusted means of playing your android apps on your PC and Mac. Thus, for playing Hay Day on your PC, Mac, and other iOS devices, you must first install app emulators. BlueStacks, MEmu and Nox App Player are some of the well-known app emulators.

Hay Day on PC and explore the cinematic-like effects of the good old town where you can do farming all day. Leave all the hassles and bustles of the city life and build the best farm ever.

Hay Day: Just like good old days

  • Create your farm and customise the layout
  • Grow your crops and live in a land where crops don’t just die
  • Trade goods with your friends and neighbours
  • Take orders, drive your truck or ride on a steamboat
  • Go fishing while waiting at the dock
  • Live back the hay days and welcome your visitors to your own town

At a glance

Hay Day is simply one of the best games here on earth. Imagine going over a colourful place where happy animals welcome you each day. The people are always pleasant and there are no issues between neighbours and friends. Just be creative and live as if there’s nothing to worry about whether or not it’s going to rain.

Wait and see

Get a copy of Hay Day for PC to see this lovely town in all its splendour.

There will be lots of beautiful flowers, crops and cute animals to tend once you’re all set. One of the basic things you have to build is the structure where you can earn some game-money in return. You only have to put a few minutes of your time to get everything started.

A farmer in the dell

Living in a farm may be your most ideal place yet. You will have endless supply of eggs, milk, fresh vegetables, fruits and all kinds of bi-products that your home-grown animals give. It only entails you to take care of them regularly, which means you have to feed them in the process, water the plants and keep things properly organised to save you time.

Heigh-ho the derry-o

At first, you will be choosing which plants are good to grow. Some plants can grow every hour while some takes just a few minutes. The fun part is when it’s time to harvest the crops or when your chicken laid eggs. Every piece of hard work has an equivalent sum and this is where you’ll get motivated to make some more.

A farm also has to look good so that your neighbours will take more than just a second glance. You can try placing the patches and all the others in between in beautiful arrangement so that it looks orderly as soon as the plant grows one after the other.

Another interesting part of Hay Day is when you are finally able to trade crops with your neighbours. By this time you have saved up a lot of game money to purchase trucks and all other types of vehicles used for delivery. There will be other farmers around town that needs your goods in exchange for money. You will drive around places and drop off the goods on time so they won’t be disappointed.

When a mouse takes the cheese

One of the things you also have to consider is the price equivalent of the plant you’re choosing to grow. Some plants can give a lot of coins back but takes more than a day to fully bloom. Not only that, you also need to purchase the seeds for a higher price. This should not discourage you from getting the plant for your farm because it doubles or triples your money back. What’s more, there’s no need to check on it every hour if it wilts. If you have saved a lot of currencies already, you can manage your time a whole lot better by getting the premium items.

Don’t let the cheese stand alone

Beginnings may not always come so easy. Farming games such as this one are designed with the freemium scheme. The longer you play, the better you become. Of course the IAPs can always magically speed up the process. But it can also take away all the fun. If you don’t have much time in between your busy day working at the computer, it would be better to launch Hay Day on PC.

  • Water plants daily
  • Feed cows and animals
  • Milk the cow
  • Harvest the crops
  • Sell, take orders and deliver

The dog takes the cat

Farming isn’t just all about planting crops. You also have to grow some farm animals to eat the grass and whatever food is in there so it looks like a life cycle. Above all, you and the rest of the neighbourhood will keep the town alive by trading goods as way of life. The social element is there whether in real life or just inside the game. That’s because Hay Day lets your friends live virtually next to you. You can visit one another, exchange hi’s and hello’s and be like real good neighbours in your imaginary town.

It’s your own story

As soon as you start moving around, you will get the hang of everything, which includes establishing your own routine. You don’t have to put your entire day into this otherwise your real life obligations will be compromised.

Hay Day is also like playing Farmville or SIMS Free Play, but the characters here looks more adorable. Did you know that Hay Day was originally a Facebook game that keeps track of your timeline? In fact, they even came up with a Hay Day journal on Facebook that shows your activities way before getting into the game. The sharing option was done primarily through Facebook so you have to get your friends play the game to take advantage of this feature.

Shortly after its successful launch, Supercell came up with another successful and now more popular Clash of Clans. Then a year after, they created Boom Beach. Ever since they introduced a pocket version of these highly phenomenal apps, people seem to miss playing the same on PCs. But sometimes, the Facebook sign-in only complicates things. Good thing, Hay Day for PC lets you log in directly to the game just like using your smartphone.

hay day for pc

New update!

Supercell is pleased to announce that Hay Day has already gained over 3 million 5 star reviews at the Play Store. Certainly, there’s something really good in this side of town. In fact, Hay Day is one of the firsts in the farming category for pocket games. Let’s see what’s the latest happening.

  • Additional performance enhancements 11/24/15
  • Newly added language support for Traditional Chinese
  • Newly added
  • Watch out for the newly added items and enhancements for the BIG DERBY!
  • achievements
  • League level shows in the neighbours houses
  • Discover the standings during derby when you hit the pause
  • Task points are visible on the derby
  • Newly added spectator mode for players who left the game
  • Watch out for the neighbourhood trophy
  • A new Champions’ League lets you compete with the best neighbourhoods all over the world
  • Reach the highest ranks at the worldwide leaderboard

Hay Day Review, Main Features, Gameplay and Video

Hay Day Gameplay

In Hay Day you’ll get to build a thriving farm and will have the opportunity to trade the items which you produce with your neighbors. As your farm grows from strength to strength, you’ll also be able to transform the town, which your farm is located in and to welcome guests to your town.

Why Hay Day is such a Popular Game:

1. It features a great trading system.

There are multiple ways to trade the goods which your farm produces. When you first start playing Hay Day, you’ll start off by trading fresh produce from a small road side shop. However, as your business takes off you’ll be able to start fulfilling larger orders by truck and steam boat.

2. There are multiple ways to increase your profits.

While you may choose to concentrate on harvesting fresh produce, there are multiple ways to increase your profits. As an example, once you have enough resources to fix the dock in your town, you’ll be able to start catching fish, in order to increase your profits.

3. There are fun, limited time missions to complete.

From time to time visitors to your town, will turn up and present you with special missions, which are well worth completing. As an example, one visitor may offer you a large amount of money for a large order of 200 eggs.

4. It offers slick, smooth controls.

While there are countless farming simulations which are available to download, Hay Day is unique as it’s controls are so smooth, that scrolling around a massive farm is simple. If you’re sick of playing simulation games which freeze up as you navigate around your map, you’ll really enjoy playing Hay Day.

5. Hay Day features a wide variety of livestock to raise.

If you assumed that you’d only be able to harvest grains, fruits and vegetables, think again. In Hay Day, you’ll get to raise a wide variety of livestock such as chickens, cows, sheep and pigs. All of which are adorably animated.

If you’re unsure of which animals to raise first, you can’t go wrong purchasing chickens as they produce eggs which are a highly sought after commodity. As well as sheep, which of course produce wool.

6. Hay Day encourages individuals to upgrade their farms.

As an example, in order to be able to raise horses in order to complete a mission, you’ll need to build a stable to house your horses and in order to increase the amount of grains which your farm produces, you’ll need to build and paint new grain silos.

7. It offers cute, vibrant graphics.

One reason why you can easily spend hours playing Hay Day is that it features cute, high definition graphics. That will convince you to keep checking in with your farm, throughout the day.

So if you like the sound of living out your fantasy of being a successful farmer, it’s definitely well worth downloading Hay Day.

Playing Hay Day using BlueStacks

  • Install it on your PC or Mac.
  • Then download Hay Day on your PC from Google Play Store.
  • After downloading the same, you will find the game’s icon on your BlueStacks Home Page.
  • Click on the icon to open the game.
  • You can now play Hay Day on your PC.

In a nutshell, you must first download and install BlueStacks. You will then search for the android game which you will download from Google Play store. Upon installation of the game, it will reflect on the home screen of BlueStacks. You need to double click on the game icon to play Hay Day on your PC.

BlueStacks features built-in default controls which you can use to play the game. You can also customise the controls to match your gaming needs. Overall, it is not just the game but the experience magnified with BlueStacks.

Playing Hay Day using Nox App Player

  • Firstly, download and install the Nox App Player.
  • Then, download the Hay Day app on your system.
  • Open the app emulator and install the game on the same.
  • Post the installation, the game will reflect on the home screen of Nox App Player.
  • Double click on the game to play Hay Day on your PC.

How to download Hay Day on Android Devices

  • Hay Day is officially available for download on Google Play Store for android. However, there are specific requirements to run the app seamlessly on your android device.
  • It is vital to download Hay Day from Google Play Store rather than other sites.
  • Ensure that you have closed the other apps running on your android to free up the memory on the device.
  • You must go to your device’s settings and either Force Stop or Stop the apps running in the background.
  • Update your Android by clicking on your device’s software updates.
  • To run the Hay Day android app, your android must have 0.5 GB to 1 GB RAM.
  • Also, your Android version must be OS 4.1 or higher with a screen resolution of 800 x 480.
  • Make sure that your device has at least 150MB of free space for installing the game.

Downloading Hay Day on iOS

You can download Hay Day on your iOS if you have iOS 9.0 or higher versions on your iPhone and iPad.

Is Hay Day available for other iOS devices?

You can play Hay Day on your iOS devices using your facebook id. It is possible if you want to play the same game on a different device. Ensure that your game is attached to your facebook id.
Login to your Facebook account on your iOS device and launch the game.

You can also attach Hay Day to Game Centre by entering your device settings and then opening the Game Centre. You can then log in using your username and password to launch the game.

BlueStacks Premium

Although downloading and installing BlueStacks on your PC is free, subscribing to BlueStacks premium version has many advantages.

For one, after subscribing, you will enjoy priority support from customer support addressing your queries. It means that the problems you report will be resolved on priority.

You can also save on the bandwidth with the premium pack by eliminating advertisements and other promotional posts. While you subscribe once, you can use BlueStacks premium with up to five PCs using your login credentials.

BlueStacks Minimum requirements for Windows and MAC

You can download BlueStacks on Windows XP SP3 and later versions. Your PC must have 2GB and more system memory and 4 GB hard drive space. Your PC must also support GPU with Direct X 9.0 or higher capacities for successfully running BlueStacks. As BlueStacks is known to clash with certain antiviruses like BitDefender, installing one compatible with BlueStacks is essential. In case of mac, your device must have 4 GB RAM and 4 GB disk space for a successful installation.

BlueStacks Alternatives

BlueStacks is one of the powerful app emulators running close to 1.5 million android apps. If you want to try other emulators, you will not find the BlueStacks advantage. Below listed are few of the alternatives.

  1. Nox
  2. MEmu
  3. Remix OS Player
  4. AMIDuOS
  5. Andy, KoPlayer
  6. GenyMotion

Games like Hay Day that can run with BlueStacks

Farm Ville 2 is one of the farm games similar to Hay Day played on your PC with BlueStacks. The game revolves around sharing and social communication. Here, you will manage farm after building one and transforming it into a virtual business gradually.

BlueStacks is an ideal platform for playing children’s android games on your PC. Sim Series is a perfect example of this. It is a game ideal to hone social communication and to meet many friends while you collaborate with them for activities to win rewards for the same.

Township is another game like Hay Day, but instead of a farm you will manage a city of your own. Based on your choices, you can construct an entire township or city. You will achieve all this with the help of your town’s citizens.

Andy fixes the problem that discourages you from downloading your favourite Android apps to your PC. The issues between Windows, Apple and Android’s different operating systems are no longer a setback with this unique emulating software. Andy is equipped with Android User Interface, Windows 7/8 and Mac OSX operating systems support. Now, everyone can already play Hay Day from his or her desktop computer without the hassle. Andy has the most advanced installation package in software emulators today.

Author’s Opinion regarding the Hayday For PC

The Hayday For PC has very strong features, while considering the security purpose, priority is very high. No VPN or RDP are required for the said purpose. In some cases, emulator also working fine and middleware software also have the important role for smooth functioning. Therefore, author recommended the Hayday For PC for your personal use and has no issue regarding the installation on PC (Windows and Mac). I hope you also use it without any trouble, if you have any issue, please mentioned in the email, we will provide you answer with proper solutions. Please like and share with other, we did lot of efforts during the collections of the software for your download.

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