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Granny For PC

Granny For PC Windows 7,8.1,10,11 & Mac Laptop Game Download

Granny For PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11/XP/Vista/MAC OS/Laptop) Full Version Download 

Granny for PC is a first-person horror game in which players will have to escape from a house full of traps. But it will not be easy. The ‘granny’ has excellent hearing, and if she listens to us move around the house or drop something on the floor, she will come at full speed for us.

Granny For PC

We can move our character throughout the house with the left virtual crosshead. In addition, we can interact with lots of different objects, open drawers, and cabinets, hide under beds, pick up keys, deactivate traps, and so on.

At Granny, we will have five days to escape from the house. And as we will discover shortly after we begin, we will need those five whole days. Every time we make a noise, the ‘grandmother’ will run for us, and if she reaches us, she will knock us unconscious. When this happens, we will wake up in bed at the beginning, and a day will have passed.

Granny is a good horror game, which creates a feeling of constant tension thanks to the walks up and down the ‘granny.’ The game control system, moreover, is entirely accurate. Here we will show you today How you can Download and Install Arcade Game Granny on a PC running any OS, including Windows 7/8.1/10/11 and MAC variants.

About This Game

Granny keeps you locked in her house and will not let you go. You wake up in a dark room, have a headache, and it feels like someone has hit you in the head.
The only thing that lights up the room is your flashlight lying on a table.

Granny for PC is a popular horror survival game developed by DVloper. In this intense and nerve-wracking game, players find themselves trapped inside an eerie house, where they must stealthily explore the dark and ominous rooms while evading the pursuit of an evil Granny. The objective is to collect various items scattered throughout the house to unlock new areas and ultimately find a way to escape before Granny catches them.

Players must use their wits and stealth skills to avoid detection by Granny, who roams the house, listening for any suspicious sounds. The game offers a challenging and immersive experience, with hidden secrets, puzzles, and jump scares adding to the overall thrill. As players progress, Granny becomes more alert and aggressive, making the escape increasingly difficult and heart-pounding.

Latest Version

Updated on
Aug 1, 2023

The main door is covered with different locks, and now you have to search the house and find keys and other objects to unlock the door and escape this house.
But you have to be careful because Granny hears everything, and if you drop something on the floor or walk on a creaking floor, she will start running to the place she listened to that sound.
It would help if you also watched for her bear traps and other things lurking in the dark, like her pets. You can hide in wardrobes and coffins but be careful that she does not see you where you are hiding.

Granny For PC Download

There is another way to escape. At the bottom of this house, there is a garage. In the garage, there is an old car. You can run that way if you start it and open the garage door.

You can protect yourself from Granny using one of the two weapons you can find in the house. But it only stops her for a while. But it’s worth it. There are five different levels of difficulty—extreme, Hard, Normal, Easy, and Practice.
If you play in Practice mode, you are in the house without Granny and can try different things without significant difficulties. But the place is not entirely free from dangers.

Granny gives you five days in the house, but you can earn an extra day if you do something for her. If you have failed to escape after the last day, you can probably figure out what happens then.

Our Opinion About Granny

Useful Tips

Fool, anyone who thinks that just because Granny’s graphics are rudimentary, you will not have scares. The jumpscare here is accurate; throughout the game, you will realize that being as careful as possible is complicated.

Even if they are pretty rustic, the graphics do not disturb the fun, but those accustomed to more polished visuals may not be able to enjoy Granny’s experience so well. Anyway, you can see that the game’s focus is the gameplay, and, for a game smartphone, it does not disappoint.

The game is all first-person, and the interaction with objects occurs when playing each of them, using or not using items found in the scenario.

Granny is already in its third update, which includes new areas and an expanded end. Even without these elements, the game is excellent and has plenty of room, even for multiplayer games, an exciting addition.

Granny’s only problem is the bugs that, although not frequent, can ultimately affect the game, with the grandmother herself caught in a few moments, which takes the atmosphere of suspense and turns the game into The Sims.

Granny For PC Free Download

Keep out of Granny’s sight.

The game’s mechanics are pretty simple. You will find yourself trapped inside Granny’s house, and your main objective is to escape it by exploring other rooms, solving puzzles, and finding clues that will let you unlock the barricaded front door. Granny will give you five nights to leave, so make every night count! The night ends when Granny catches you, and you will wake up again in the same room where you first started. To give you an idea, the game begins with you waking up alone inside a space where you can familiarize yourself with the controls and movements before finally braving outside to explore the rest of Granny’s home.

Warning! This room will not keep you safe from Granny’s clutches! You will have to eventually venture out and go to other rooms, even with the ever-looming threat of being murdered. Do not worry because you are not entirely vulnerable once you have stepped outside. You can use many places to hide from Granny, like ducking under tables and going inside empty cabinets. Also, trying your best to keep quiet as you sneak around helps keep yourself from being detected by Granny. Granny’s hearing is perfect for an older woman; she can hear your footsteps, doors closing, and things being dropped on the floor.

Granny is played from the first-person point of view, making the gaming experience more terrifying and personal. You will always rush to find a new hiding place throughout the gameplay, especially when you hear Granny’s voice. It will not be easy because the house is a maze, and it is elementary to get lost in it, not to mention how dark some rooms can be. Overall, the place is creepy with its ancient-looking paintings and creaky floorboards, which is why Granny can pinpoint your location quickly. With that said, you should know that if you can hide successfully and Granny fails to spot you, she leaves behind bear traps! If you ever get caught in one, do not panic and follow the game’s instructions on removing it, but quickly!

Unexpectedly scary

Granny may not have the same advanced 3D graphics as other horror games like Amnesia and Silent Hill, but it delivers. Different game modes offer various levels of difficulty and horror. This is a surprisingly scary yet fun game! The house is big and exciting enough for you to keep exploring even if Granny’s on your trail.

Granny for PC Features

Set in a Dark and Hopeless Atmosphere

Granny game screams “Creepy” in every corner as soon as you boot the game. From the nightmarish look of Granny to the grey and dark corners of each room, this game will leave you with goosebumps every second you play it.

Foreboding Music and Sound Effects

The best way to play Granny is through the use of headsets. Not only does this make the experience much scarier, but it also helps you detect where Granny and her “pet” are located through their footsteps—all thanks to the spectacular surround sound made by the developers. Each door creek, glass break, and spine-tingling music will leave you awake at night. Who needs sleep anyway, right?

Hide and Seek

Perhaps the most stellar bit of the Granny game is the mechanics itself. You’re given five days to leave the house before grandma starts to butcher you and feeds your limbs to her unknown pet. You must grab items, sabotage alarms, and even pick up weapons to defend yourself and escape the forever-roaming Granny. Hide in tight corners whenever you hear footsteps. Slip under the bed, hide in the closet, crouch behind couches, all while not making a sound. Granny may be old but has super hearing abilities that can sense any noise from meters away.

Non-scripted Puzzle Solving

It may just be one set, but that doesn’t mean the Granny horror game is linear. Each time you play a new game, the items will be randomly placed anywhere. For example, the car keys you’ve acquired on the kitchen counter might end up in the living room in the next session. If you open the safe, you may find a gun. On some occasions, it could be a trap instead. Each playthrough always feels like brand-new gameplay, thanks to the random spawning system.

Granny for PC Tips and Tricks

Weapons DO NOT kill Granny

So you’ve finally completed all the parts for your shotgun, and you’re like, “This should kill her.” Unfortunately, this is not the case at all. You can shoot Granny with a shotgun, crossbow, or tranquilizer gun, but that doesn’t mean she’ll stay down forever. The worst part here is that she’s only knocked out. At least that’s better than having to slowly crawl through the house undetected.

Yes, she’s immortal due to god-knows-what, so the best solution is to complete all your items and get away from there as fast as possible—no more dinner at grandma’s place after this.

Only pick up items if you will be using them already

If you’re going to pick up wire cutters but thought the keys should have been the priority. Instead, you’re going to make a huge mistake. Granny horror game will only let you hold one item at a time. If you need to swap items, you’ll have to drop whatever you have, causing a loud thump that will get Granny charging in your direction.

If you must have to drop an item, make sure you have a hiding spot nearby so she can roam away again after some time. Don’t worry. All items dropped will remain in that position until you pick them up.

Useful Tips

1. Be as quiet as a mouse if you hope to escape Granny’s house alive.

Unfortunately, Granny’s hearing hasn’t deteriorated with age, so you’ll need to sneak around her house as quietly as possible to avoid attracting Granny’s attention. As if Granny hears you sneaking around her home, she’ll knock your character out within a split second. You also read this Free RTS Games For PC 

In Granny, you’ll have exactly five days to escape Granny’s house before she kills you. Each time Granny catches you and knocks you out, you’ll wake up in bed, and one of your five days will have passed in an instant. So it pays to avoid being caught by Granny to ensure you have the time to find the key you need to escape.

2. Interact with as many objects in Granny’s house as possible to find her house keys.

Finding Granny’s house keys will be challenging, so make an effort to open up as many drawers and cabinets as possible.

3. Pick up every key which you come across.

Don’t get too excited the first time you come across a key, as there are a variety of keys in Granny’s home, which are used for different purposes, and only one of the keys which you’ll come across will successfully open the door that you’re looking to escape through.

Please don’t get rid of the keys which don’t work, though, as you may be able to use them to deactivate traps or to open up cabinets or drawers which may be locked.

4. Always keep an eye out for easy-to-access hiding places.

As you never know when Granny will come creeping around a corner, hunting for you, it’s well worth quickly scouting each room you enter for possible hiding places. That way, if Granny tracks you down, you’ll be able to hide until she leaves the room you’re hiding in.

5. Try deactivating any traps you spot when you get a chance.

If you want to decrease your chances of running into a trap while running away from Granny, it’s well worth deactivating some of her pitfalls when she’s not around. That way, if you need to escape a room in a hurry, you won’t risk being caught by one of Granny’s traps.


  • Easy game mechanics
  • Responsive controls
  • Different levels of difficulty
  • Features practice mode
  • Funny
  • Promotes good scares
  • Creative


  • No other game maps
  • No established game plot
  • Consumes battery
  • Only one available point of view
  • Bad graphics
  • Some bugs

Download Granny for Mobile and Tablet Devices

Google Play Store Link

Apple App Store Link

How To Play/Download Granny on PC

Granny on PC (Windows 7/8.1/10/11 & MAC)

  • Download and install BlueStacks or Remix OS Player.
  • Open the installed BlueStacks or Remix OS Player and the Google Play Store.
  • Now search for “Granny” using the Play Store.
  • Install the game and open the app drawer or all apps in the emulator.
  • Click the Granny icon to open it, and follow the on-screen instructions to play it.
  • You can also download Granny APK and installs it via APK in the BlueStacks Android emulator.
  • You can also use Andy OS to install Granny on a PC.

That’s All for the guide on Granny For PC (Windows 7/8.1/10/11 & MAC); follow our Blog on social media for more Creative and juicy Apps and Games. For Android and iOS, please follow the links below to Download the Apps on the respective OS.

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Granny for Android

Download the Granny APK / Setup file for your Devices from here: Granny APK


Granny is an indie horror game where you are trapped in a gloomy house and can’t find a quick escape. This house belongs to one older woman who is entirely blind. Though she can’t see you, it doesn’t mean she can’t hurt you. She orients on the territory with the help of hearing, and your every sound will be traced by her ears. She gives you five days to complete your serious mission; if you fail, she will eventually find you and finish you. Of course, no one wants to die in this way and such a place, so you should get out as soon as possible.
It would be best if you chose the mode first, and they will differ in Granny’s speed and add difficulty by putting the creaky floor and other traps, so think carefully about your abilities and choose the mode which will help you to win. There are two floors and a basement, which you need to explore. Almost in every room, hidden tools will help you find the keys to the main door and turn off the electric alarm. When you start a new game, no matter what difficulty you choose, those objects will change their places, and you will never know where they are hidden this time.

Author’s Opinion regarding the Granny For PC Windows 7/8.1/10/11 & Mac

The Granny For PC has compelling features while considering the security purpose; priority is very high. No VPN or RDP is required for the said purpose. In some cases, the emulator also works fine, and middleware software also has a vital role in smooth functioning. Therefore, the author recommended the Granny For PC for your personal use and has no issue regarding the installation on PC (Windows 7/8.1/10/11 and Mac). I hope you also use it without any trouble. If you have any problems, please mention them in the email, and we will provide you with proper solutions. Please like and share with others. We made a lot of effort while collecting the software for your download.

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