About the developers

Robert Topala in August 13th 2013 released thefirst ever Geometry Dash, under his company RobTop Games. Since then, this man has been a guy to look out for.

Geometry Dash can best be described in one word; success. Since its first release in August 2013, this game has enjoyed millions of downloads, and not over the almost two and a half years of its existence, but every time a new update is released to the mobile markets and steam.

In November 13th 2015, Robert Topala disclosed to his esteemed fans that a “secret project” will soon be released. A few weeks later, a trailer for Geometry Dash Meltdown was released and at the peak of the suspense, the game was officially released to the mobile markets. The legacy of Geometry Dash has definitely been carried on by Geometry Dash Meltdown; judging by the crazy number of downloads the game has already received from the Google Play Store, Apple App store and Google play store. But why is the game so popular?

Graphics layout

Before I can get to answer the question posed above, let’s first dig into the graphics of this arcade game. Affirming the old saying like father like son, Geometry Dash Meltdown does not boast of super 3D graphics that need your phone to have an NVidia graphics card to run. Much like its predecessors, it is a simple 2D game that uses simple lines and curves to represent the different icons and obstacles present in the game. The name “Meltdown” is not there because you will literally have to go through hot lava and raging fire in the game (though the difficulty of the game play might make you think so).

Rather, the name is inspired by the fiery theme and gear saw blades expansively used in the game. All through the various levels, the most you will be doing is navigating a 2D shape through a 2D obstacle course. Now, this may not sound so appealing for a graphics enthusiast who believes in super 3D graphics as the cardinal property of a good game, but once you get into the gameplay, your criticism will turn into praise.


This is where my question gets answered in a very straight forward and convincing way. Geometry Dash Game is not just an arcade game, or a rhythm based running game as others might describe it. This is a fun-filled addictive game that once you get into playing it, you will need to be tightly gripped to be pulled out of it. The game is split into three levels, for the free version, though the full version supports up to five levels. The primary objective of this game is getting a certain shape or object as others might call it, through an obstacle course. If you happen to hit an obstacle, you fail that level. Now here is the interesting part; once you fail a certain level, you don’t start from the last checkpoint. You start from the very beginning of that level.

Manoeuvring the shape through the obstacles is done by tapping the screen. The icon accelerates through the screen as you manoeuver
it. Since once you fail you have to start over again, marking of your progress in this game is unique in its own way. The last point you reached for a certain level is marked. If you pass it, after starting the whole level over again, your overall progress is updated according to where you reach next.

Geometry Dash  comes with three playable levels

the seven seas, Viking arena and airborne robots. Difficulty gets higher as you go down this list. The other two levels are playable only if you get the update 2.1 or buy the full version of the game. For those who loved the demon-based levels in Geometry Dash, Meltdown melted down this part. Unlike the predecessor, the stars obtained when you finish a level in Meltdown are not usable anywhere. Furthermore, the blast processing icon in the game is only usable once you finish the level, on the full version.

The soundtracks in this game are a complete winner. F-777

better known as Jesse Valentine is the voice behind these soundtracks. What makes this game really tick is the seamless synchronisation of the game and the soundtracks (I bet this is why it is referred to as a rhythm-based running game). The synchronisation is pretty good, but at some point things really get off-rhythm; both game-wise and soundtrack-wise. This is not a major cause for alarm. Still on the downside, no background music plays in the vault.

RobTop Games put in interesting new features in this new game

  • For starters, if you happen to have the free version and you want to
    upgrade to the full version,
  • the new icons you obtained in the free version don’t
    have to go to a waste.
  • By just the touch of a button, the new icons can be
  • However, icons obtained through the update 2.1 can only work in
  • When you touch the options menu, a new feature pops up.
  • This is the “fast
    practice reset.” This feature allows the player to spawn faster than usual. In this
    case, the reset time is cut from 1 second to 0.5 seconds.
  • If you have played Geometry
    Dash and you want to sync data from its account to the Meltdown app, a touch of
    a button is all you need.
  • Syncing data from the Meltdown app to the Geometry
  • Dash account is however not possible as the save button is greyed.

Free fast-paced platforming action

Geometry Dash For PC  is a rhythm-based action platforming game that will have you hopping along to the beat. With versions for every platform from Android to Windows, Geometry Dash has developed a user base from all over the world. You’ll time your jumps to dodge obstacles and stay alive through the game’s challenging levels. Best of all, the base game is totally free.

Don’t stop moving to the beat

Geometry Dash For PC

Despite the geometrically inspired name, Geometry Dash For Windows is far from a math game. Geometry Dash will put your skills to the test as you guide your vehicle through obstacles to get to the end of a level.

Depending on which version you’re playing, making your way to the end of a level will net you rewards like unlockable achievements and new vehicles. Doing so is no easy task: beating a level is a true challenge, as you’ll need to fight against gravity and ever-increasing scroll speed.

Gameplay will be familiar to fans of action platformers like Rolling Sky. Rather than a character, you’ll control a unique vehicle, each one with specific powers and abilities.

You’ll use need to time your jumps to navigate passages through the obstacles, but the catch is that the screen scrolls at a fixed speed that you can’t control. If you go to slow or miss a beat, you lose. If you do manage to beat a level, Geometry Dash has tons of content to offer.

Though there are plenty of free levels in the base game, you can also try out user-created levels or make your own in the game’s level editor. There’s also a handful of spin-off games like Geometry Iron SubZero Dash, each with their own levels and features.

Eye-catching art and pulse-pounding sound

What makes Geometry Dash so unique is the combination of sound and visuals. The soundtrack takes center stage. With tracks by artists like Foreverbound, Dex Arson, and DJ-Nate, the tunes will be stuck in your head long after you stop playing.

You can also use original tracks of your own and soundtracks from Newgrounds in the levels you create. There’s more to it than just a cool game feel: paying attention to both aspects will actually help you get better at the game.

The bright neon colors and simple, distinctive shapes are easy to identify on the fly, which is key when you’re trying to keep up with the insane speeds. The soundtrack is just as helpful: the beats are actually intentionally timed and syncing your moves to the soundtrack will keep you going longer.

Significant stumbles

Geometry Dash has a lot going for it, but there are some drawbacks you may want to consider before playing. First and foremost is the game’s difficulty level. There’s no getting around the fact that for many players, Geometry Dash is too hard to enjoy.

Though you can use the practice mode to get the sense for the levels, trying to beat a level gets frustrating fast. The combination of difficulty with the fact that most levels are quite long means that beating any level is a feat, and you’ll have to get extremely skilled at the game to do so.

If you’re looking for a similar game that’s more accessible and not as intense, you may want to give Rolling Sky a shot. It’s just as addicting but not nearly as frustrating.

Though the game does have plenty of content, it’s important to note that no major updates have been made since back in 2017. The game’s developer, RobTop, has teased a forthcoming 2.2 update.

Despite teasing new features, RobTop has since gone radio silent and no news on the 2.2 update has been released for several years. Though Geometry Dash isn’t dead, it does seem to be in hibernation.

Finally, Geometry Dash is laggy at certain points, which is a killer for a game that depends heavily on your timing and reflexes. When the game is already difficult as is, nobody wants to deal with the danger of a lag-induced death midway through a level.

Game Features


Uniquely designed, Geometry Dash is one among the top level games that comes with stunning graphics. Featuring vibrant, colorful animations and pixel styled futuristic characters; the visuals of this game enhance the overall game play and outlook. Each frame contains an array of vivid colors, effects and animations that sometimes might confuse the player but makes it even more exciting. The different tracks and levels in the game have a unique design and color, while the background consists of simple squares and rectangles.


Packed with thrill and fun, Geometry Dash is an addictive game that would keep you busy for hours. The objective of the game is to get your character to speed across each level to the end, overcoming all obstacles and dangers. Being a runner game, the speed is constant and gets faster as you advance through the levels. At first it might seem pretty easy, but getting to the end of each level would need some good timing skills. Jumping over obstacles and platforms in time without getting knocked over is definitely a challenge. By simple tapping on the screen you can jump and fly over spikes and avoid any obstructions to get to the end of the level.

During the game, your character would change into different forms and you would need to keep up. Some characters run upside down and some might come with additional boosters and special powers like double jumps and air tricks. Some levels also contain portals that can be travelled through instantly, or players can change the speed and size of the character. To help you understand the game better, it also comes with a practice mode wherein you can save your progress as you go along.


Geometry Dash comes with a total of 20 levels that are packed with high level action and require the most skills to complete. After a number of failed attempts, users are able to figure out each track and move forward. However, the controls are simplified and straightforward and include just a simple tap. Each tap must be timed perfectly in order to get your jump over each obstacle successfully. The distance between two obstacles does not change hence players must get into perfect motion and time their jumps.

Replay Value

Thanks to its complex game play, Geometry Dash is unlike any other game that can be completed quickly. With a number of failed attempts of dying and starting all over again, most people would not prefer playing the game if they are unable to get it right. However, those players who are patient and good at perfect rhythm and timing might find this as a great challenge and would keep themselves busy for hours. The creator of this game also included a fun feature which consists of making your own level. In this players are able to create their own track and also play on other user-bases tracks created by other players. Therefore if you like the game, you can rest assured you won’t be bored.

Game Features

  • Rhythm-based Action Platforming!
  • Lots of levels with unique soundtracks!
  • Build and share your own levels using the level editor!
  • Thousands of high quality user generated levels!
  • Unlock new icons and colors to customize your character!
  • Fly rockets, flip gravity and much more!
  • Use practice mode to sharpen your skills!
  • Lots of achievements and rewards!
  • Challenge yourself with the near impossible!
  • Steam users get two exclusive unlockable icons!


Mac OS X


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 2.0+ GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 support
  • Storage: 100 MB available space


  • Addicting
  • Colorful backgrounds
  • Catchy soundtrack


  • Long levels
  • Laggy
  • High difficulty

How to get the game on Steam

Before installing the game through the digital distribution system Steam, please check whether your computer meets the system requirements of the game. If the game is supported on OS, follow the instruction.

  1. Press the “Get it on Steam” button and go to the Geometry Dash game page on the Steam site.
  • The Geometry Dash game does not support all versions of Windows OS. The game is guaranteed to run on the following versions: Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.7.
  • To check the version of Windows on your PC, press the Windows + R button on your keyboard, type winver and click “OK.” A window will appear with a detailed description of the installed version of the OS.
  • Also for the correct operation of the game your computer must meet specific hardware requirements. You can read more about them on the system requirements page.

  1. Make sure that you have an account on Steam. After the authorization, you can buy the game or add it to your library for free.
  2. Later, enable the Steam application, find the game in the library and install it. As soon as the launching is finished, your game is ready for playing.

How to get the Geometry Dash on the official game site

If there are any reasons why legal sources do not suit you, then we recommend using the official website of the game. There you can find information about getting the game in any way convenient for you.


Loaded with amazing visuals and excellent graphics and effects, Geometry Dash is a stimulating game that offers high level, challenging game play. With the right amount of patience and skills, you can learn each level and overcome all obstacles to complete them. This can also be done by utilizing the special practice level which allows you to learn and train before attempting the real game. Get your timing right and jump to the end with ease.

Geometry Dash Online is a special version of this Enjoyable endless-running series. This match has unique images, suitable for all ages, especially kids and families. It is possible to experience this match in your browser because it’s really a flash video game.

In this game you may control a square character. Your task is to Duplicate the barriers on how and run as far as you can. The longer you run, the more points you’ll have. This match has 3 modes for you:

Stereo Madness: You will face complex terrain. Your personality will Mechanically proceed and you must jump to dodge the obstacles on how.

Back on Course: Much as Stereo Madness. Nevertheless, the map will have springs. Whenever you hit them, you jump high. Note: Should you hit on spike or blocks along the way, you will lose.

Polargeist: Same as Stereo Madness. However, the map will probably have yellow dots. Once you hit on them you need to use double jump to pass spikes and holes.

Moreover, this game can be acquired for cellular devices (Android and also IOS). Best of Luck And have a great time!

Author’s Opinion regarding the Geometry Dash For PC

The Geometry Dash For PC has very strong features, while considering the security purpose, priority is very high. No VPN or RDP are required for the said purpose. In some cases, emulator also working fine and middleware software also have the important role for smooth functioning. Therefore, author recommended the Geometry Dash For PC for your personal use and has no issue regarding the installation on PC (Windows and Mac). I hope you also use it without any trouble, if you have any issue, please mentioned in the email, we will provide you answer with proper solutions. Please like and share with other, we did lot of efforts during the collections of the software for your download.