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For Honor Codes PC

For Honor Codes PC Windows 10/7 {32bit} & MAC

For Honor Codes PC Windows 10/7 {32bit} & MAC Full Version Free [2023]

For Honor Codes PC Easy steel: Complete the Basic and Advanced Tutorial to get 3,500 steel. This will allow you to unlock 7 of the 9 classes at the beginning of the game. You can also buy fewer classes and spend some steel on unlocking “Champion Status” time, which allows gaining bonus XP and other rewards for a limited time. If you plan on only playing as a single faction, you can purchase all three locked classes for the Knights, Samurai, or Vikings.Honor Player Count For PC

Stances and Blocking

Each hero has three stances they can attack from: Up, Left, and Right. Likewise, there are three block options: Up, Left, and Right. To successfully block an attack, you need to use the Right Analog Stick to switch to the same stance the opponent is attacking. If you try to block Up while your opponent is attacking from the right, you will get hit. If you’re attacking and want to throw off your opponent, stay in one stance, then just before you attack, immediately switch to a different stance. While an opponent with good reflexes will still be able to block your attack, it makes it much harder to keep up with your offense. The more you make your opponent work, the better off you’ll be.

Gang up on Opponents

It’s always much easier to take down an opponent when you have an ally helping you. If you see someone on your team in a duel, run over and help them out if you can. Both of you will easily overcome enemies when their attention is split. Double teaming on an enemy online will cause them trouble guessing where to block or dodge when multiple attacks are hitting them from multiple angles—the same works for when you are facing two enemies. You will have a more challenging time defending against multiple attacks from multiple enemies.Honor Player Count For PC

Tips for For Honor

Combat in For Honor might seem fast-paced initially, but to be genuinely successful, you must take a measured approach to each engagement. * When at all possible, stay near your allied heroes. Not only can your allies revive you, but a 2-on-1 or 3-on-1 fight also gives you an overwhelming advantage against enemy heroes. * For Honor is a game of poise and riposte. When facing an enemy hero, you’ll want to size them up instead of charging headlong. Fighting in this game is as much a psychological contest as one of the reflexes, and by staying calm and out of reach of your opponent, you can force them into deadly mistakes.

  • A retreat is a valid option when you’ve suffered a lot. You can’t always depend on allies to revive you; it can cost valuable time to return to the battlefield from the spawn point.
  • You can fall off of high places in For Honor, and it will kill you. Don’t let the enemy back you up against a tough place.
  • It’s straightforward to die a “death by one thousand cuts” in For Honor. Though the enemy’s AI soldiers are weak compared to your hero, they can kill you if you are injured or facing them en masse.
  • Know when to use zone attacks. You’ll sometimes be caught in a spot with swarms of soldiers and opposing heroes. Zone attacks, which you can perform by pressing the light and heavy attack buttons simultaneously, allow you to take control of the chaos. Just watch your stamina.

For Honor Codes PC

How To Guard Break in For Honor

The Guard Break is the ability that lets you break the enemy’s guard to push forward to attack the enemy. To perform the guard break, you need to press the X button on Xbox One and the Square button on PlayStation 4, which will make you kick or shove the enemy to make them lose the block so that you can charge forward to attack them. While performing a guard break, note that the enemy is not attacking you with any weapon. The same button is used to throw the enemy, so you must choose carefully according to the target’s position.

How To Use the Quick Chat Feature in For Honor

In four matches, it is essential to communicate with your team to make strategies to defeat the enemy when you are playing as a team of four Vs. To use the Quick Chat, you need to use the L1 button or LB button to bring up the quick chat menu and press any of the four face buttons to communicate with your team.

The Quick Chat includes options like thank you, sorry, requesting revival, etc. When you are on the battlefield playing as a team, check the radar on the bottom right of the screen to track the position of the enemies and your team members to make strategies accordingly and attack the enemy to defeat with teamwork.

For Honor Codes PC Free

How To Get Rare Items

Initially, you will receive a low-level gear in blue color, and as you level up, you will receive a purple color legendary gear and, later on, even a mythic gear. So, how to get these items quickly? Once you reach level 20, reset your reputation points by your gear preference. Do note that this will erase all your Feats earned. Also, remember that not all characters can reset reputation points, so select your character with that ability.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault – Cheats

For Honor Codes PC

Console Cheats

Edit the shortcut to the game, so it reads the following: “C: LOCATION OF GAMEmohaa.exe” +set developer 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1 +set cheats 1 +set ui_console 1 When in the game, press ~ to display the console window. Put in one of the following cheats:

Effect Code
Gives All Weapons wuss
God Mode dog
Heal Player full heal
Kills player kill
List of Player’s Inventory list inventory
No Clipping noclip
Prints out current location and angles coord
Removes Target notarget
Set current health health
Teleport to Location (X Y Z coordinates) tele x y z

Spawn NPCs

Cheats need to be working on playing with these cheats!

These cheats work in other games, too, except there are more commands, and to see the list of spawning NPCs in other game expansions, then type Lod_spawnlist. Unless you want your guns to be invisible, don’t click anything in [players] list. (I thought I never tried clicking in games other otherwise than Spearhead, if you did this and see no guns anymore, then reinstall the game)

(And no, I only included ally NPCs, as I said before, you can see german code spawns in Lod_spawnlist)

Here are some examples:

Effect Code
It shows you a list of models wiki list
Spawns a 29th division private, which appears in Omaha Beach spawn models/human/dday_29th_private.tik
Spawns a 29th division private without helmet spawn models/human/dday_29th_private_radio.tik
Spawns an airborne soldier. Spawn models/human/allied_airborne_soldier.tik
Spawns an allied prisoner without any weapon, which appears in the last mission spawn models/human/1st-ranger_private_prisoner.tik
Spawns a captain NPC (just a note sometimes in a level, if you try to spawn a captain, he will stand there while holding down his gun) spawn models/human/1st-ranger_captain.tik
Spawns a captain who appears in Omaha Beach spawn models/human/dday_ranger_captain.tik
Spawns a disguised Major Jack Grillo spawn models/human/allied_oss_man_disguised.tik
Spawns a lieutenant NPC spawn models/human/1st-ranger_lieutenant.tik
Spawns a lieutenant which appears in Omaha Beach spawn models/human/dday_ranger_lieutenant.tik
It spawns a medic NPC. spawn models/human/1st-ranger_medic.tik
Spawns a medic which appears in Omaha Beach spawn models/human/dday_ranger_medic.tik
Spawns a private which appears in Omaha Beach. spawn models/human/dday_ranger_private.tik
Spawns a sergeant NPC spawn models/human/1st-ranger_sergeant.tik
Spawns a sergeant which appears in Omaha Beach spawn models/human/dday_ranger_sergeant.tik
Spawns a T1/2 Engineer NPC. spawn models/human/1st-ranger_engineer.tik
Spawns Major Jack Grillo in his normal clothing spawn models/human/allied_oss_man_m1.tik
Spawns the driver of the Omaha Beach ally boats spawn models/human/coxswain.tik
Spawns the greenish private allied NPC. spawn models/human/1st-ranger_private.tik
The whole list of NPCs you can spawn in-game Lod_spawnlist

Weapon Cheats

Enter at console; Press “~”

First, enter without quotation: “Give models/weapons/’ weapon cheat.’ tik.”

Replace ‘weapon cheat’ with the code desired

“Give” will add the weapon to the inventory
“Spawn” will spawn the weapon on the ground allowing you to pick up ammo

For Honor Codes PC Free DownloadFor Honor Codes PC Free Download

Effect Code
BAR bar
Bazooka bazooka
Colt 45 colt45
Frag Grenade m2frag_grenade
KAR 98 Sniper kar98sniper
M1 Garand m1_garand
Mauser KAR 98K kar98
MP40 mp40
Panzerschreck panzerschreck
Shotgun shotgun
Springfield ’03 Sniper Springfield
Steilhandgranate steilhandgranate
Stg 44 mp44
Thompson thompsomsmg
Walther P38 p38


  • The Dancing Germans

    In Mission 2, when you go undercover. Walk to the window in the room with guards playing cards. You will see two Germans talking down below. Hit the use key on the window, and they will dance, do handstands, and do back flips.


  • 3rd Person View

    Edit the shortcut just like above. Then when in-game, press ~ and enter,

    toggle cg_3rd_person

How To earn medals

1st Medal: In the 1st Mission part 2; Rescue BOTH British and American POWs. Right after you pick up the explosives in the basement, go up the stairs next to the truck in the courtyard; from there, you can find him. Make sure he stays alive; he’s slow with his sniper rifle, so you can’t run through the spotlights in 1 go; he will die! Take patience, and soon you will be rewarded.

2nd Medal: In the second mission, part 2, Maintain your cover at all times and steal the officer’s paper when you reach the harbor, then enter the submarine, quietly taking out everybody, head all the way FRONT of the sub, the room after the missle, there will be a manifest( a paper) on the table, take it and complete the mission. Remember to maintain cover until you blow up the sub.

3rd Medal: In mission 3, Survive it, thats all; the mission is already hell.

4th Medal: In mission 4, part 3, 2 tiger tanks outside the front manor, ready to blow up the allies. Look in the manor, all over the place, for the bombs; as soon as you find them, plant those bombs on the tank.

5th Medal: Mission 5 part 2, all 3 tank crew members must survive.

6th Medal: As soon as you complete mission 5, you will be awarded this medal.

7th Medal: In mission 6, when you’re on the train with the ranger, at least 6 rangers must survive(You don’t count).

Secret Level

In the main menu, bring down the console, and type maplist; you will get a list of levels from the game; there is a file called m4l0.bsp, double click on it to open a secret level.

Skip Intro

To skip the intro movies, edit the shortcut to the following:

"C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\MOHAA\MOHAA.exe" +set cl_playintro 0

You can still have the cheats. Add this to the end.

For Honor Codes PC Download

Unlock all medals and missions

Enter the following codes at the console:

seta g_m6l1 ”1”
seta g_m5l1 ”1”
seta g_m4l1 ”1”
seta g_m3l1 ”1”
seta g_m2l1 ”1”

seta g_eogmedal2 ”1”
seta g_eogmedal1 ”1”
seta g_eogmedal0 ”1”
seta g_medal5 ”1”
seta g_medal4 ”1”
seta g_medal3 ”1”
seta g_medal2 ”1”
seta g_medal1 ”1”
seta g_medal0 ”1”

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