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Bluetooth Transmitter For PC

10 Best Bluetooth Transmitter of 2022 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews 2022

If you have older devices in your house that don’t have Bluetooth feature, luckily, the solution is simple all you required the Bluetooth Audio Transmitter. The Bluetooth transmitters and receivers are not new, these devices are in the market for decades.

Bluetooth Transmitter For PC

The Best Bluetooth Audio Transmitter is smaller and more efficient than ever. The device helps you to connect a variety of electronic devices with each other, in other words, we can say building a bridge between them. It is an important gadget and must be at your home. Bluetooth audio transmitters connect to many devices like computer, TVs, headphone etc

Bluetooth is a prevalent form of wireless communication usually used in houses with adequately electronic devices. It is generally used to transfer, data and music between cell phones/computers.

How Bluetooth Audio Transmitter works

Bluetooth Transmitter For PC is a prevalent form of wireless communication usually used in houses with adequately electronic devices. It is generally used to transfer, data and music between cell phones/computers.

What about the Bluetooth transmitter for TV? This is a small box that will connect the sound of your TV with your speakers. In general, you can connect this type of Bluetooth transmitter with a jack or an RCA jack.

This will allow you to transform even a rather old TV, which does not have a Bluetooth function at the base. Especially since you will find an RCA port and ports compatible with jacks on almost all types of TVs. Also, we give you good advice.

Bluetooth Transmitter For PC Download

Just choose a Bluetooth audio transmitter that will allow you to link your TV with speakers or any sound system that works in Bluetooth. It is going to change your life in choosing your audio equipment dramatically.

To help you discover the best Bluetooth transmitter, we have collected a list of best devices, organised according to the type, weight, range & rating of electronic equipment you need to use it.

What about the Bluetooth transmitter for TV?

This is a small box that will connect the sound of your TV with your speakers. In general, you can connect this type of Bluetooth transmitter with a jack or an RCA jack.

This will allow you to transform even a rather old TV, which does not have a Bluetooth function at the base. Especially since you will find an RCA port and ports compatible with jacks on almost all types of TVs. Also, we give you good advice.

Just choose a Bluetooth audio transmitter that will allow you to link your TV with speakers or any sound system that works in Bluetooth. It is going to change your life in choosing your audio equipment dramatically.

To help you discover the best Bluetooth transmitter, we have collected a list of best devices, organised according to the type, weight, range & rating of electronic equipment you need to use it.

Bluetooth Transmitter

Best Bluetooth Transmitter 2022 Reviews

1.  Auris Beamit Best Rated Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver 

A clever piece of kit Auris Beamit is the ultimate solution for your TV or Home Audio Systems to wirelessly stream HiFi audio directly to any Bluetooth speaker or headphone with a flick of a button. The design of Beeamit is smooth and solid and totally merge in any setting without taking excessive space, you can mount the device where you want its hassle-free & un-gummed sticky gel mounts.
The faultlessly streams HiFi Bluetooth audio adapter can be used in two ways as a stereo wireless audio transmitter to your preferred pair of Bluetooth speaker/ headphone or receive Bluetooth enabled smartphone/ computer/ tablet to any music system/powered speakers.

Enjoy watching your favorite Movies TV/Show or streaming music without troubling those around you.


  • 2 in 1 wireless audio adapter, connect up-to 2 Bluetooth headphone or speakers simultaneously
  • Latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology to stream distortion-free & clear up to 33 feet away
  • Supports Advanced Audio Coding (AAC)
  • Qualcomm aptX technology delivers dynamic, unshaking wireless sound with crystal clarity
  • Hi-Fi sound system
  • Digital Optical audio cable (TOSLINK)
  • Digital and Analog audio interface
  • Analog 3.5mm AUX inputs and outputs


  • Multipoint streaming
  • Modify volume levels for each device individually
  • Suitably mounted on your computer, TV, home audio systems or car dashboard
  • High fidelity Audio
  • zero latency Bluetooth transmitter
  • So simple, wonderful & easy to setup just Plug, Pair & Play


  • we have not seen any negative point in this gadget

2. Mpow Best Selling Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver

Mpow Bluetooth Transmitter is best selling product now a day, if you are frustrated with ugly wires hanging anywhere in your home just order Mpow and pair the transmitter to your Bluetooth speaker/TV/headphones and it’s ready to go. Enjoys late TV’s show without intercepting others, it has both receiver and transmission easy to shift functions.

The design of Mpow is incredible, you can keep this little gadget in your pocket, and it is a very lightweight device 0.4oz with the long range up to 30 feet in open space. We don’t recommend it for TV; it is better suited for listening to music.

  • 2-in-1 Wireless Bluetooth Adapter with Stereo Music Transmission
  • Easy to Shift between Transmitter (tx) and Receiver (rx) Mode
  • Built-in battery for portable use
  • Built-in Mic for Hands-free Calling
  • Best for Car / Home Audio System & TV
  • Bluetooth 4.0 technology to stream clear up to 30 feet away
  • Fast Micro USB charger timing About 2 hours
  • Battery backup up 8 hours
  • Easy to use; plug, pair & play
  • Audio cable, charger, user manual included in the box
  • Excellent Audio Quality
  • auto-off while charging and saves battery auto connect to paired devices
  • 18-month worry-free Guarantee!
  • The transmitter can only pair with one Bluetooth device
  • Can’t be used while charging

3. Esinkin  Best Budgeted Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver

Esinkin Wireless is one of the most budget Bluetooth transmitter available in the market. The price is meager as compared to others in our listing. With Linkin, you can convert the non-Bluetooth component to current technology. It has both the functionality of the transmitter and the receiver and can be easily connected to the TV, PC, CD player, headphones, iPod, and MP3 / MP4. Now you can watch movies on your tablet or workout on treadmill wire-free.

Esinkin offers an excellent performance; you will enjoy watching Seasons/Movies/TV shows with perfect synchronisation and lucidity without disturbing others around you.

The design of Esinkin is fantastic, it is so little and lightweight, it has a back clip and isn’t even noticeable when wearing them.

  • 2 in 1 Easy Switch between Transmitter and Receiver mode
  • Built-in battery provides up to about 10 hours play for the transmitter and 5 hours in the receiver
  • Low latency in transmitter mode
  • Transmit simultaneously to 2 Bluetooth speakers
  • HiFi stereo music
  • High-quality audibility
  • take 2 hours to fully charging
  • Audio cable, charger, user manual included in the box
  • Clyster clear & high-quality sound
  • No audio delay
  • Budget-friendly
  • Didn’t have to light up the room when in use or being recharged
  • No pops/clicks when sound sources connect and disconnect

4. Avantree Oasis Best Bluetooth Transmitter for TV (Editor’s Choice)

If you are looking for the best Bluetooth transmitter for tv with the highest range, we recommend you the Avantree. During testing Avantree transmitter the range seemed promising enough.

Enjoy the wire free streaming of music from your TV, PC, Laptop, iPod, Amplifier or other Audio Device by connecting to this workhorse Bluetooth hub.

The performance is excellent, aptX Low Latency support efficiently excluded that annoying audio lag you can get with outdated Bluetooth transmitter. This model is entirely the best Bluetooth transmitter for TV use.

The design of the Avantree transmitter is eye catchy & optimised antenna device.

Avantree best long range covering Bluetooth TransmitterFeatures
  • Audio streaming with aptX low latency technology
  • Compatible with almost all the devices
  • No lip sync delay
  • Can also use it while charging
  • Support 2 headphones
  • 7 hour long lasting battery life
  • Latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology for stable connection
  • Support 2 different pairs of headphones at the same time
  • Very easy to use, just plug, pair & play
  • Best bluetooth receiver for headphones
  • Portability
  • Hi-Fi level sound quality
  • 24 months warranty
  • All required accessories & user manual included in the box
  • re-pairing is required if power lost

5. MEE Audio Connect Best 3.5 mm bluetooth receiver

The MEE audio connect Bluetooth transmitter is one of the best & unique devices and recommended for old/new TVs and other devices connect via the 3.5mm headphone jack, RCA, or optical TOSLINK S/PDIF; to stream high definition sound wirelessly.

The performance of MEE audio is excellent, the apex technology minimizes audio delay and prevents lip-syncing issues, and the range of the signal is up to 30 feet which is great, the battery backup timing is about to 10 hours. The sound quality depends on the headphone you are using; still, reliability is preserved, and there was no definite loss in sound quality the gadget provide the best user experience, performance, and value.

The design of MEE is conspicuous, robust and travel-friendly with a built-in battery. The little gadget can be fit just inside the palm of your hand.

  • Streams audio to up to 2 Bluetooth headphones/speakers at once
  • Bluetooth 4.0 technology with aptX (Low Latency technology) for high-fidelity & lag-free audio
  • Compactable with almost all the devices
  • Connect Bluetooth Transmitter, Micro-USB charging cable, audio cable, RCA adapter TOSLINK digital optical SPDIF audio cable is included in the box
  • MDigital & analog connectivity
  • Automatic Optical Bypass
  • No distortion of various audio devices
  • Simple setup, plug, pair & play device
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • None

6. Avantree aptX Dual Link: Bluetooth Audio Transmitter for Tv No Lag

Avantree aptx dual link is tiny gadget and solution to connect your outdated tv/pc wirelessly.  Now you can enjoy wire-free late night movies with your wife while your child can sleep well without annoying TV voice. The dual link functionality allows you to steam audio up to 2 headphones simultaneously with zero lip-sync delay.

The performance of this little device is extraordinary; the signal range is much longer as compared to other transmitters in our list. You don’t need to worry about charging because the transmitter turns on when you connect to TV/Laptop via USB,

This Bluetooth transmitter requires USB power, use your TV’s USB port and it powers up automatically when you turn on the TV, or use any phone charger, PC USB or other 5V USB outlets.

The round design looks elegant and unobtrusive; the transmitter has an overall black build with silver accents.

We don’t recommend this transmitter, if your TV only has optical output, you can go to Avantree Oasis.

  • Bluetooth 4.2 technology Transmitter for TV PC
  • Long Range signal connect up to 100 ft
  • Automatically power, when you turn on TV
  • Auto-Reconnect to the last 2 paired devices
  • Installation is easy, plug, pair & play
  • Avantree Priva III, Magnetic base, RCA audio cable, Micro USB sync charge cable, User manual & quick user guide is included in the box.
  • Compatible with almost all the devices, Ideal for PC/Laptop use
  • Never worry about charging
  • No lag & Low Latency (You audio device must also support aptX)
  • Very lightweight
  • 24 Months Warranty
  • No built-in battery
  • No receiver functionality
  • Not portable

7. TaoTronics – Best Portable Bluetooth Receiver

Taotronics Bluetooth Transmitter has dual functionality; transmitter & receiver, and it is the best selling Bluetooth transmitter to steam them all. Now you can enjoy late night season/movies with your wife without disturbing your children around you.

The Transmitter mode, turn a non-Bluetooth PC/TV/CD-player, MP3 / MP4 iPod, into Bluetooth transmitter while Receiver mode,  Perfect for home or vehicle music streaming sound system.

It can be paired up with two headphones and can stream music while charging also it has a built-in battery that can provide the backup up to 10 hours and continuous steam.

While most Bluetooth transmitter can be an eye-sore, the Taotronics design is well-matched in every environment, the device is very tiny as you know smaller is better.

The performance is awe-inspiring, Do not misjudge the size; this tiny device can put many large Bluetooth transmitters to shame. When it comes to the signal performance, we have tested it to 36 feet away and still able to hear it.

  • Digital Optical TOSLINK
  • Switching between transmitter & receiver is just one button away
  • lag-free content streaming in transmitter mode
  • Built-in battery that provides backup of 10 hours
  • aptX Low Latency for a richer and deeper sound experience
  • The Bluetooth 4.1 technology provides stable and reliable streaming
  • Nonstop streams even while charging
  • No more cables to wire you down
  • Can be paired with 2 Bluetooth receivers like headphones & speakers at the same time
  • Portability and best selling transmitter
  • 12 + 6 months extended warranty and 24/7 friendly customer service
  • None

8. TROND Heavy Battery Backup Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver

TROND is one of the best Bluetooth transmitters & receiver someone can buy right now. You need to pair the transmitter with your wireless headphones and watch late night TV shows without bothering anyone around you. You can use it as a Bluetooth receiver and enjoy CD-quality music wirelessly from your phone to your wired home stereo system. The switched between the transmitter (TX) mode, and the receiver (RX) mode is straightforward.

It scored extraordinarily in all the performance tests. The signal quality is consistent and provides up to 33 feet; it has 500mAh Large Battery that offers long backup up to 20 hours while the charge time only 2 hours, you can use it while charging.

The design is sleek & stylish look; the Bluetooth is transmitter is pleasing with its complete black creation and specially design for two Bluetooth headphones.

  • Blue LED indicates which codec is in place, in the TX mode
  • Green LED display whether both BT devices are successfully connected.
  • Red LED express which codec is in place, in the RX mode
  • Bluetooth 4.1 technology is used with powered by the premium CSR8670 chipset
  • Codec Supported Dual Link aptX LL, aptX LL, aptX, SBC
  • Creatively supports AptX Low Latency Dual Link mode
  • Cool features include status led’s that allow verifying that both receivers are connected and using the lowest latency codec, easy pairing, optical input and battery power
  • Digital Optical TOSLINK
  • 500mAh Large Battery
  • Specially Designed for TWO Wireless Headphones
  • TROND BT-DUO II Transceiver, TOSLINK audio cable, male to male audio cable, female to RCA male audio cable, male to male aluminum adapter, USB to micro USB charging cable is included in the box

Bluetooth Transmitter For PC Keygen Download

  • Easy to setup, plug, pair & play
  • No audio lag for watching TV/PC
  • No Lip-Sync delay
  • Portability
  • 18-Month Product Warranty & 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Does not have the built-in microphone
  • The adapter would not be able to transmit and receive audio at once

9. Nulaxy Bluetooth Best Bluetooth Transmitter for Car

Nulaxy Bluetooth transmitter is used in the car, this little gadget is compatible with almost all the devices such as iPhone, smartphones tablets, iPad, and iPod or MP3/MP4 player also connect through car FM system or AUX port to stream music. It can be connected through a standard 3.5 audio jack.  MP3/Smartphone could also be connected through AUX port and then stream to car stereo speaker through FM, and we can say this is the Best Bluetooth FM Transmitter available on the market.

The design of NuGalaxy is eye-catching, it has a black body with a big blue color LCD. The screen turns on when the car starts, it shows the telephone number for incoming calls & name of songs playing through TF cards could be displayed as well.

When we talk about the performance of Galaxy it’s extraordinary, the most advanced obstruction and noise cancellation innovation technology is used to produce perfect audio. Its connected very fast and paired easily.

  • Built-in microphone feature supports hands-free talking
  • 1.44 inches LDD screen with easy to read font
  • Equipped with USB charger support
  • Support TF/MicroSD Card in FAT format up to 32G
  • Support MP3 and WMA formats
  • Crystal sound quality
  • Advanced interference and noise elimination technology to produce a perfect audio
  • Available in different colors, black, Black Matte, Coffee, Golden, Mint Green, Peacock Blue
  • Minimal radio frequency nosiness
  • Hands-free calling & support FM
  • Very easy to setup & paired instantly
  • Consistently syncs with smartphones
  • Music is clear with the least amount of static

10. Baile Dual Stream Bluetooth audio Transmitter and Receiver

The Baile Bluetooth is a portable gadget with a dual stream; you can use it as a transmitter to stream your TV/PC to headphones or as a receiver to pair your smartphone to woofers. It can be effortlessly paired up with two headphones/speakers simultaneously now you and your loved one can watch TV or listen to music together wirelessly.

The performance of Baile is amazing, the aptX low latency

Y technology reduce Bluetooth audio delay, reducing lip-sync issues to give you the plane audio/visual experience and thus you can watch TV / Movie and snoop to high-clarity sound in perfect synchronisation. In our test, the signal range was excellent and covers about 33 feet range.

The design of this gadget is compact & portable, and the body is silver & black colour.

Bluetooth Transmitter For PC Free Download

  • 2 in 1 aptX Low Latency
  • HD Audio Transmitter for TV Home Stereo System
  • Flexible Connection
  • Bluetooth 2-in-1 Adapter, Digital Optical TOSLINK Cable, AUX Cable, Female to 2 RCA Male Cable, USB Charging Cable, User Guide is included in the box
  • Switching from TX to RX is very easy
  • On/off switch button
  • USB/AC power port
  • Can also be connected to projector
  • 12-month warranty and friendly customer service
  • Little struggle required while paring
  • Receiver turns off if not used after a while

Add Bluetooth to Your PC

If you’ve found that your PC does not have Bluetooth built in, then you’ll need to add it. The good news is that it’s easy to do and you don’t have to spend much on it.

Step One: Buy What You’ll Need

You don’t need a whole lot to follow along with this tutorial. Once you’ve determined that your computer is definitely in need of a Bluetooth radio (and not just a driver update), it’s time to check that you have a free USB port. If you don’t, and there’s no making room because you need all your current ports, you should consider getting a quality USB hub or a USB expansion card.

With a free USB port in hand, the only other thing you need is a USB Bluetooth adapter. For the purposes of this tutorial (and for use on our own machines), we’ll be using highly-rated and inexpensive Kinivo BTD-400 ($11.99) USB dongle.

Bluetooth Transmitter Torrent

There are other ways to approach the problem, but the majority of them are quite impractical. You could, for example, use up your laptop’s mini PCI slot with a laptop Bluetooth/Wi-Fi module, but that’s a lot of hassle. One reason you might want to go the mini PCI route is if you really don’t want to give up a USB port on a laptop and don’t want to carry around a USB hub.

On the desktop side, the only reason we can see for not using the USB-based solution is if you’re explicitly in the market for a Wi-Fi PCI card for a desktop computer, since many Wi-Fi PCI cards come with Bluetooth built in.

Step Two: Install the Bluetooth Dongle

If you’re installing the Kinivo on Windows 8 or 10, the process is dead simple: just plug it in. Windows includes the basic Broadcom Bluetooth drivers required by the dongle and will install them automatically when it recognizes the new device.

If you’re installing it on an earlier version of Windows, you’ll need to install the Bluetooth drivers. You’ll know you require the drivers if the Device Manager pane looks like this after you plug in the dongle.

You can download the drivers from Kinivo (the manufacturer of the dongle) or from Broadcom (the manufacturer of the actual Bluetooth radio inside the device). Download the version for your operating system (here’s how to see if you’re running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows), run the installer, and you’re good to go.

Step Three: Pair Your Devices

Now that you have the dongle installed, you’re ready to pair a device. We’ll demonstrate the process by hooking up one of the speakers we used in our guide to portable Bluetooth speakers.

After inserting the dongle (and with the appropriate drivers installed), a Bluetooth icon should appear in the system tray as seen in the screenshot below. Right-click the icon and choose “Add a Bluetooth Device” from the context menu.

If you’re using Windows 8 or 10, you’ll see a screen like the one below. Just hit the “Pair” button for the device you want to connect.

If you’re using Windows 7—or a previous version—you’ll see a screen like this one instead. Select the device you want to connect and then hit “Next.”

After making your selection, Windows will communicate with the device for around a half minute as it automatically finishes the pairing process. After that, your device is available for use!

You can manage your Bluetooth devices by accessing the Bluetooth menu via the system tray (as we did a moment ago) or navigating to Control Panel -> All Control Panel Items -> Devices and Printers. Either way, you should be able to see (and interact with) both your Bluetooth dongle and any attached Bluetooth devices.

That’s all there is to it! $15, one USB port, a virtually painless installation process, and now your computer has Bluetooth connectivity.

Author’s Opinion regarding the Bluetooth Transmitter For PC

The Bluetooth Transmitter For PC has very strong features, while considering the security purpose, priority is very high. No VPN or RDP are required for the said purpose. In some cases, emulator also working fine and middleware software also have the important role for smooth functioning. Therefore, author recommended the Bluetooth Transmitter For PC for your personal use and has no issue regarding the installation on PC (Windows and Mac). I hope you also use it without any trouble, if you have any issue, please mentioned in the email, we will provide you answer with proper solutions. Please like and share with other, we did lot of efforts during the collections of the software for your download.

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