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Best Equalizer For PC

The 7 Best Windows 10 Sound Equalizers to Improve Your PC Audio {2023}

If you’re an audiophile, a heavy gamer, or enjoy customizing the sound on Windows 10, you might be looking for a sound equalizer app.

Best Equalizer For PC can adjust the loudness of specific audio frequencies—called bands—to suit the listener’s preferences and the environment’s acoustics. For example, an equalizer will let you boost the bass when listening to dance music or increase the treble in a room that responds to low-frequency sounds.

But which is the best Windows 10 equalizer? Are there any free equalizers for Windows 10? Keep reading to learn more.

1. Equalizer APO

equaliser apo app windows 10

Our first recommendation is Equalizer APO. It’s the most powerful, customizable, and full-featured free sound equalizer that you’ll find. The app operates as an Audio Processing Object (APO), so if your audio uses APIs like ASIO or WASAPI, it will not work.

Equalizer APO’s best features include unlimited filters, multi-channel use, support for 3D surround sound, and shallow CPU usage. You can also create multiple profiles (perhaps for your external speakers and headphones) and hop between them in a flash.

The big drawback is the lack of a graphical user interface (GUI). You need to edit the filters in a TXT file. Thankfully, several third-party GUIs are available. We recommend Peace Equalizer.

2. Equalizer Pro

equaliser pro windows app

Equalizer Pro is another popular choice. It’s more user-friendly than Equalizer APO, thanks to its clean and clutter-free interface.

The app offers a ten-band equalizer. That’s not as many as some of the other sound equalizers in this list and way behind professional music equipment, which might provide 30 or more. However, it’s more than adequate for all but the most dedicated audiophiles.

Equalizer Pro comes with 20 presets, a system-wide bass boost feature, and the ability to save your equalizer profiles. The app also offers preamp volume control. You can adjust a single band to boost low tones without tweaking each band individually.

Equalizer Pro is not free. You can enjoy a seven-day trial, but after that, you will need to pay $19.95 for the license.

3. Viper4Windows

viper4windows windows 10 app

Viper4Windows is an open-source sound equalizer for Windows 10. It also works with Windows Vista, 7, and 8.1.

The equalizer offers an impressive 18 bands; it’s as many as you can hope to find on a consumer-level computer-based equalizer. The bands’ ranges run from -120dB to 13 dB. As you’d expect, you can create your profiles or use one of the many available presets.

Viper4Windows also offers some features beyond sound equalization. They include:

  • Room Size: You can set the size of the room you’re listening in, and Viper4Windows will adjust the surround sound settings accordingly.
  • Bass Boost: The app offers a customizable extra boost to low-end sounds.
  • Distortion Control: You can choose from three presets or use the slider to tweak the control in decibels.
  • Reverberation Settings: Viper4Windows offers settings to control audio damping, density, bandwidth, decay, and more.

(Note: Make sure you set Viper4Windows to run in administrator mode. Right-click on the app’s file and go to Properties > Compatibility > Settings > Run this program as administrator. Doing so ensures the equalizer will still work if another app runs the software.)

4. FXSound

The FXSound app is two tools in one. There’s the equalizer (and its associated effects) and the real-time audio processing feature.

Firstly, let’s look at the equalizer. It comes with 10 bands that go from 110Hz to 15KHz. There are also customizable sliders for fidelity (to reduce the muffled sound in compressed audio), ambiance (to add extra stereo depth), surround sound, dynamic boost (to increase the loudness by increasing the dynamic range), and bass boost. The preset profiles include Rap, Alternative Rock, Dialog Boost, Country, Techno, and countless more.

Real-time processing excels when you’re listening to audio on the web. Internet audio is only 16-bit, but FXSound uses a 32-bit processor. The processor automatically adjusts the audio’s fidelity, ambiance, and surround sound, then re-dithers it into 16-bit. This allows the app to improve significantly on the theoretical limits of the web’s 16-bit output.

FXSound offers a seven-day free trial. The entire app costs a one-off payment of $49.99.

5. Voicemeeter Banana

Voicemeeter Banana for Windows 10

If you do a lot of work with a microphone—perhaps because you’ve started your podcast or uploaded many videos to YouTube—you should try Voicemeeter Banana.

The app’s main feature is the advanced audio mixer. It lets you control your computer’s audio for streaming or recording.

9 Useful Ways to Control Sound in Windows 10 You can control the volume with a remote or mouse gestures. Here are the best ways to control sound in Windows 10. Read more from an equalizer perspective. The mixer lets you adjust audio input and output. Therefore, if you’re casting your screen via Twitch, speaking to the family on Skype, or recording a podcast with your friends, you can make up for any microphone deficiencies by making the sound crisper and less distorted. You can play with the equalizer settings in the app’s Master Section.

Voicemeeter Banana is donationware. You can pay what you like for the software, and you don’t have to pay anything.

6. Boom3D

boom3d app windows 10

Boom3D is an equalizer app for both Windows 10 and macOS.

The software is primarily designed for people who listen to their computer audio through headphones. It can convert all your audio output into 3D surround sound without additional hardware or boosters.

It also boasts one of the most advanced equalizers out of all the apps on our list. The equalizer has 31 bands and dozens of presents, both of which combine to provide an immersive listening experience, regardless of the genre of audio you are playing.

7. EQ Audio Equalizer

EQ Audio Equalizer chrome

EQ Audio Equalizer is slightly different from the other Windows 10 sound equalizers we have covered. Rather than being an EXE file that you download and run on the Windows operating system, EQ Audio Equalizer is a Chrome app.

Being a Chrome app has both advantages and disadvantages. On the downside, it will only work with the audio produced by the Chrome web browser; it cannot change the bands across your entire machine.

However, most people listen to most of their audio through Chrome on the desktop—whether that’s YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, or anything else. The extension will also work across all your Chrome devices and won’t eat through your system resources.

Best Free Equalizer for Windows

Here is a list of the best free Equalizer for Windows. This free equalizer software lets you modify your computer’s sound effects differently. Enhance the process of adjusting the balance between audio frequency components with the help of these free equalizers. Any audio played in your system can be modified by changing the audio frequencies, be it media players, games, or other system sounds. These sound equalizers are free to use and are efficient. Access audio features like Equalizer, Environment, Bass management, Surround, and many more with the help of these Windows equalizers.

A limited number of system equalizers for Windows are available on the Internet. I have found the best free equalizer for Windows and listed them here. Many other audio equalizers are integrated with media players, but these Windows equalizers listed here apply sound effects to all system sounds.

Author’s Opinion regarding the Best Equalizer For PC

The Best Equalizer For PC has powerful features while considering the security purpose; priority is very high. No VPN or RDP is required for the said purpose. In some cases, the emulator also works fine, and middleware software also has a vital role in smooth functioning. Therefore, the author recommended the Best Equalizer For PC for your personal use and has no issue regarding the installation on PC (Windows and Mac). I hope you also use it without any trouble. If you have any issues, please mention them in the email, and we will provide you with proper solutions. Please like and share with others; we made a lot of effort while collecting the software for your download.

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