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Best Adult Games for PC (Windows and Mac) Full Version Download 2023

Adult games for PC (Personal computer) – one of the most popular home platforms and the only one which doesn’t offer to play video games as its main purpose. PC was born in the 1970s, but it is impossible to give an exact moment of its birth or even the name of its creator. However, IBM is the one who gave computers their present shape, using, at the beginning of the 1980s, an idea of open architecture – which is today one of the most important differences between computers and consoles.

The foundations of PC as a gaming platform are currently digital distribution systems of video games (Steam, Origin, Uplay) and MMO games that mostly work in the f2p (free-to-play) model.

Adult Games For PC Sure, the ol’ hero-saving-the-princess has its place. But sometimes, as a catharsis, you need a game plot that tackles more complex themes: death, war, adult relationships, and extremes of emotion. According to you, Tom’s Hardware community, the next 16 games, centered on the mature subject matter, are the best ones that you’ve tried across genres.

The Suffering

In your first choice, you play as Torque, who (despite the claim that you blacked out during the incident) received a death sentence for the murder of your wife and children. In prison, you’ll have to fight for your life as evil creatures pop up to destroy everything and everyone in their path. Progress through the story, and you’ll have visions of the events that led to your family’s murder and eventually discover the real culprit. You’ll also encounter three spirits, the prison’s most famous inmates. Depending on your morality choices toward specific characters, you can trigger an optimistic, neutral, or horrifying ending to the story. (Think of it as a Choose Your Adventure that could end badly.)


This 1995 point-and-click horror title puts you in control of Adrienne Delaney. A demonic version of Carno (the previous homeowner) possesses your husband in your new home. You’ll have to learn more about the entity by exploring the house and talking to other characters. With the knowledge gained throughout the game, you should find a way to defeat Carno’s demon. It sure isn’t a pretty garden path, though: As you make your way through the house, you discover the gruesome methods Carno used to kill his previous wives before confronting the demon itself. The live-action scenes throughout the game might be cheesy by 2018 standards, but the horrific murder scenes will still make some players uneasy.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy

Before Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human was Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy. You play Lucas Kane, a man accused of murder vying to prove his innocence. In the process, he discovers that the victim is part of an elaborate scheme to recover the Indigo Child, a being that will give powers to anyone who hears her secrets. What starts as a single murder morphs into a battle to save the world, as Lucas has to confront multiple factions during the chase. As the story unfolds, some characters will have a “Mental State” status, which can sway after specific events. Doing everyday activities will keep you sane, but witnessing abnormal events such as murder will drive you to insanity. You’ve got to keep it real in and out of this game.

The Manhunt Series

Rockstar’s two titles in this community-favorite series provide some of the most terrifying and gory executions in video games. Progressing through each stage requires you to take out multiple foes through stealth executions. Each kill falls into one of three “levels.” A level-one execution is a quick death, while level-three kills have the bloodiest and most gratuitous scenes. These experiences aren’t for the faint of heart, so steel yourself before you play.

Papers, Please

No gore here, but Papers, Please is more of an exercise in the deep recesses of everyday moral choices. You’re a guard at a border checkpoint, and you need to examine the papers of every entrant to see if they meet specific criteria. The gameplay is simple and addicting, but pivot points throughout the experience will present some tough choices. By allowing through only those with the right passes, you earn more money to feed and house your family. However, you might also want to let in revolutionaries or those seeking to reunite with their loved ones. Will you be a lenient guard or a strict officer? Either way, Glory to Arstotzka!

Silent Hill 2

The second entry in the iconic horror series brings us back to the eerie namesake town. James Sunderland, the protagonist, visits Silent Hill and faces, quite literally, his demons. Along with a small cast of other characters who committed terrible acts themselves, Sunderland realizes sooner or later that the town’s monsters are manifestations of his mind. He created horrifying creatures, including the famous Pyramid Heads, as a form of self-punishment for killing his wife. The terrors of Silent Hill and each character’s shameful sins made it a super-successful psychological horror thriller. If you’re jonesing for a game rife with terror and backed by a solid story, this should be one of your top picks.

Nier: Automata

If it weren’t stated in the game’s early stages, you wouldn’t think that the main characters of Nier: Automata are androids because they sometimes exhibit human-like behavior. They aren’t the core horror of this game, but how we got to that point is. The story begins with the tale of humanity’s last efforts to use androids to fight off the machine invaders of Earth, but it evolves into something more complex. Over time, 9S, one of the main protagonists, discovers the truth behind the war of the machines and androids. This revelation turns 9S into more than just a simple fighting unit, as it displays sadness and anger over the loss of its comrades. Many films and books cover the theory of a robot displaying human behavior, and Nier: Automata echoes the theme in an affecting fashion.

EVE Online

The beauty of CCP’s massively multiplayer online game is its sandbox experience, which is, in and of itself, benign. You can fight other players, mine valuable resources, or become a digital merchant. But there’s a darker side to some players in New Eden. Some of them will catch you unawares and take your hard-earned loot. Other dedicated individuals might infiltrate a clan and destroy it from within. Political intrigue, backstabbing, and stealing are all part of the experience, so get accustomed to it and always fly safely.

Planescape: Torment

Look no further than The Nameless One for an example of a seriously tormented individual. At the beginning of the game, he has amnesia. As you progress through the story, you uncover pieces of his past and discover that he has multiple incarnations. The key to it all? His ability to escape death was so that he could atone for an unknown, yet horrible, crime. Depending on your chosen ending, The Nameless One can finally die and face his punishment, or the reincarnation cycle can begin anew. No pressure.

Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards

Our next community pick is a real throwback, with adult themes on a decidedly lighter note. Sierra’s 1987 title features the hapless Larry, who goes to Lost Wages to have “new experiences” and find the woman of his dreams. You’ll have to play blackjack and run the slot machines to earn cash to buy presents for four women. Work your way through to the end of the game, and you’ll access the penthouse suite and spend some time with the woman of your choice. Tacky? Plenty. But this is one of the first picks in which no one dies.

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